'Yo SOB?!….whats with all this beige nonsense?'.....Well, the truth is, we suck!

It all started way back in 2007 when we tried to be 'cool' and failed....miserably. Oh we went to all the right parties, gigs and exhibitions but it always ended up the same way, the two of us awkwardly huddled in the corner, mumbling to one another and coughing up fur balls. The thing was, everyone seemed to look the part. They had their style locked down whereas we, in comparison, just looked ordinary and out of place in amongst all of the trendy art/music folk. We were outcasts who never really managed to fit in.

We gradually retreated back to the safety of our laptops, finding comfort in the shadows of the internet and allowing the artwork to come to the front.

 So when searching for a name for this blog it came to us quickly and effortlessly. We asked ourselves; with all these colourful characters around, what then are we? The answer was simple, nothing more than plain-old, boring BEIGE. Couple this with some nifty wordplay involving the classic 90's beat'em up we grew up playing and DING DING DING - we have ourselves a winner!

And there you have it. We are just two very ordinary, slipper wearing, tea drinking art lovers who are more than happy to blend into the background ...essentially happy to be residents on the Streets of Beige.

Big shout out to Mick Minogue for the above image!

We spotted a resemblance between Gavin Strange's 'Droplet' toys and the skull in our WOLFMASK designed header. Out came the paints and BOOM, this was the result!

'Vinnie Pump' - customised munny by the SOB team for Halloween 2013 giveaway.

The original Vinnie Pump sketch, kindly made as a birthday card by Tom Zung to me, Tony Rotwang. Yeah... we're nice like that here at SOB HQ.

'Christopher Wallace' - a tribute to the greatest rapper of all time, made for the sheer hell of it!

A doctored Batman panel. We get a little over excited when we see 'S.O.B.' in text.. sad huh?.

Tom├ís - a custom toy based on the 2007 Spanish-Mexican horror film, 'The Orphanage'. The original toy was a Wyger by Sam Flores.

ShadoBot’ is a tribute to our favourite painter, Mr. Jago and our favourite computer game, Shadow of the Colossus. The original toy is Mr. Jago’s ‘CamoBot’ released by Addict in 2005. On showing this guy to Mr. Jago he very kindly wrote back, 'Man he's a baddass!  The best custom I have seen on a Camobot'.
'FREE DR. INK!!' the pub sign (apparently) read. But who is this mysterious DR. INK?? Happy Birthday Zung, you crazy weird bastard!

Odd Future's Tyler the Creator, immortalised as a custom munny with removable fabric mask.

A fitting tribute to the legend that is, MF DOOM.. pumpkin style!!

'Hold up, who are all these people?!' ...Yeah, we're just trying to make ourselves look popular :(


  1. Been skulking along the Streets of Beige these past few days. Lots of great finds! Thanks

  2. And very pleased we are to have you! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. i'm not sure what's going on but i adore everything about this blog


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