Tuesday, 28 April 2015

SOB presents: 'KILL YOUR SHELF' - a bootleg toy show

Poster by Mr Flurry
Ya-Te-Veo by Rob Flowers
The Incredible Kirk Van Houten by Felix Altreus
Marge Simpson by Felix Altreus
E.T. Goes Pumping Iron by Felix Altreus (£95)
Malibu Mutant Barbie by Russell Taysom
Necro Goat by FRENCH
Bobby Feucht by Robert Deutsch
Kilroy Was Here by 45RPM
Xenophogan by Listen04
Train Demon by AKIE CNTS aka CNTS CREW
My Little Rock by Super Future Kid
Spider-mandem by Richt
Super King by Mr. Penfold
Mr. Hell by Ramone Sketch
Only Fixies by Jose Miguel Mendez
Creep Squad - CHOP by Max.K

Happy Meal by Ian Stevenson
Here's Minnie by Ian Stevenson
Kim Jong-un by Mr Heggie
Captain Cluck by Iain Macarthur
Cake The Snake by Lukasz Kowalczuk
Crocoman by Liane Plant
Martian Balotelli by WOLFMASK
HELL JAM - DEMON MIKE by Alek Morawski aka Lis Kula
BEZ by The Real Dill

Goo Man! by Coby Walsh
Thug Life @ the A and E by Sally Kindberg
SKULL HERO - a SOB X Goodleg Toys X WOLFMASK collaboration (edition of 5)


  1. Hi guys. I am an admin on a little Facebook group called geekapolooza! A member has just shared your website and I would just like to say how cool it is to see something so unique and different. Shame you don't have a shop near me :-(
    Just thought I'd send a little positivity your way and say keel up the good work ;-)

  2. This stuff is so strange, I can't even describe the emotions I feel when I see all these. Not sure that it's good.


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