Tuesday, 30 December 2014

'Motel Hell' - upcoming print by Francesco Francavilla via Skuzzles

'Motel Hell' by Francesco Francavilla. It's a 24"x36", 8-colour screen print in an edition of 135. Available from Skuzzles tomorrow (Wednesday 31st December) for $50.

New merch from Anthony Lister - available now in his online store

Australian artist and SOB favourite Anthony Lister has recently released a new bunch of sh*t in his online store including some very subtle tees ($65) and some not so subtle wallets ($25). These garments are for all those who are sick of large front motifs, back motifs and even pocket prints....we wonder if it'll catch on?! 

New SOTF CIVIC DEFENCE bots - available now from ThreeA Toys

New robo-love from ThreeA Toys - available now via Bambaland for $160/$180. 
(...thinking that's kind steep? Well bear in mind that these guys are a colossal 12" tall!)

Monday, 29 December 2014

New print and original works by Dxtr - available now from 1XRUN

1XRUN are selling a new print edition and a small selection of original paintings by German artist Dxtr. The print (above) is a 6-colour screen print titled 'Zodiac' and comes in an edition of 75 for $65. The original pieces below are all $1200+.

Dxtr  writes: "I did this one just for the fun of it when I had some spare time between projects and always wanted to do a screen print out of it. So when 1xRUN contacted me for another release this was the perfect opportunity to get this one printed finally. 
I'm a big fan of symbolism as you guys know from our last print. I'm always interested in symbols and the meanings behind it. Every element makes sense and is incorporated for a reason in this artwork. I think it is necessary for my work that all the elements represent something, are meaningful and make sense somehow. I enjoy cryptic, mystic and meaningful icons and elements, so this is why I wanted to create my own Zodiac at some point."

'Panic Attack ' by Numskull available now from Stupid Krap

Numskull - Panic Attack - limited edition (of 50) signed and numbered print available HERE for $120 AUD.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

'Leonardo' - first TMNT released by the Good Smile Company

This awesome Leo figure is the first in four models based on James Jean's original rendering of the classic characters. This piece is currently on pre-order for approximately $129.99 from The Good Smile Company until 24th February. The remaining three TMNT figures are set to be released individually throughout 2015. There's also an exclusive limited edition aluminum art print of James Jean’s original TMNT art available to fans who purchase all 4 pizza-eating, crime-fighting Ninja Turtles!

'The Iron Monster' from Miscreation Toys available this week

Missed out on the pre-order? Well you're in luck as Miscreation Toys will be releasing the 15" Iron Monster this coming Tuesday for $165 (+S/H) as per above flyer. What's more each sale come with an additional print by the mighty Worthy Enemies!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Upcoming KOOL KEITH action figure from Blockhead Toys

Remember that Dr. Octagon album from way back? Well, Blockhead Toys are just about to release this new 5" limited edition, resin figure in conjunction with Kool Keith himself! Dropping December 31st in their online store for $75.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Upcoming 'Heisenberg' figure from Killer Bootlegs × MOCJoes

Bookmark New Years Day (1/1/15) for the drop of this new Heisenberg figure from Killer Bootlegs x Mocjoes. No idea on price or edition number so best to follow a proper toy blog, who actually know what they're doing...

Diesel Popeye the Sailor figure by Headplay Toys [available now]

This is easily one of the most bad-ass toy's we've seen this year. If you need this toy then go and pester Tenacious Toys now because they're selling a few for $300 each. They are 12" tall and limited to 500 pieces.

'Daddy Christmas' - animated short by Blue-Zoo Animation

Computer games at Christmas... and a tiny bit of chest-bursting nastiness. 

8" Shadow (howdoyoudo) Red resin figure by Shadoe Delgado

This guy is available now from Shadoe Delgado's store for $200. He's hand-made, hand-painted and signed, in a tiny edition of just 5!

New 'Catwoman' piece by Michael Latimer [Lowercase Industry]

'Catwoman' by Michael Latimer. It's an A3 size, signed, hand-painted stencil in an edition of 10. Available now from Lowercase Industry for $45.

'Seabass' -new print by MCBESS [available now via Dudes Factory]

'Seabass' by MCBESS, It's a A1 size, signed screen print in an edition of 100. Available now from Dudes Factory for $200.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

'FIST OF JESUS' - new action figure from Goodleg Toys [pre-order]

Just in time for Christmas comes this new 'Fist of Jesus' figure from Goodleg Toys. Available to pre-order now for $65 in an edition of 25. Looks like he's part of something too big for us to possibly comprehend on Christmas eve... if you're curious, be sure to check the official FOJ website HERE. #JesusWasABootlegger

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

'Say No To Soft Drugs' zine by Ermsy - available now from asihash

New 52 page collection of drawings from Ermsy - available now from asihash in a signed edition of 50 (£10).

'Eazy E - Hilton Hotel - 1993' print by Ricky Powell via 1XRUN

'Eazy E - Hilton Hotel - 1993' by Ricky Powell. It's a 17"x15", signed and numbered Archival print in an edition of 150. Available now from 1XRUN for $75.

Ricky Powell comments: "I was going to interview Eazy-E at the Hilton Hotel on 51st and 6th for Seconds magazine. We were going to talk about a single he was putting out in 1993. 

He answered the door with a huge blunt and said 'For you Ricky Powell!' I was like wow, this is going to be a fun interview. Basically I just went up to interview him and I brought my Minolta auto-jammy camera, my Pentax 1000 with this fish-eye lens and my camcorder video camera. He was very relaxed and let me photograph him while he was rolling more blunts and what not. 
Eazy-E is a unique legend with a unique voice and style. This photo shows stuff that he was into...and weed. Since he was from the West Coast and I'm from the East Coast it was a interesting blend, especially because of my history/lineage of photographing rap stars from the East Coast."

Monday, 22 December 2014

'ALIEN Blue-Rub GID' - sofubi figures from Super7 x Secret Base

Look out for these nasty xenomrphs dropping tomorrow (23rd Dec) from the Super7 store for roughly $50 a pop.

'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' - new print by JC Richard

'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' by JC Richard. The regular edition is a 36"x18", 10-colour screen print in an edition of 200 for $50. The Italian variant is an edition of 90 for $60. Available from Skuzzles on December 23rd at Noon EST.

'Happy Holidays 2014' - animated short by Leah Shore

By Leah Shore and found via our buddies over at Animated Review - be sure to make friends with them!

'KIEFER' - new figure by Prodip Leung for ToySoul 2014

If anyone knows where we can pick up one of these fella's apart from at the ToySoul 2014 convention in Hong Kong then please do let us know! Designed by Prodip Leung and apparently costing 450HKD each, which is roughly $60.

I also just found this print lurking in Prodip's online store ($125).

JUDGE DEATH - 2000AD 1/12th scale figure from 3A

JUDGE DEATH - 2000AD 1/12th Scale Collectible Figure Series will be available for pre-order on January 14th at Bambaland (www.bambalandstore.com) for $60 USD.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

A mixed batch of fresh Skelves - available now from Circus Posterus

Fan of Brandt Peters' resin Skelve's? Then get yourself over to Circus Posterus now to snap up some of these limited edition items. The big mutha above is $450, the 9" free standers below are roughly $200 and the wall-hung masks are only $50/$30. All available now... HERE.

'Karelia' by Vania Zouravliov - available now from The Vacvvm

'Karelia' by Vania Zouravliov. It's a 18″ x 18″, 1-colour, numbered screen print in an edition of 150. Available now from The Vacvvm for $85.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

'SUNGUTS BILOON' sofubi figure - available now from Jungle

Just stumbled across this little critter and thought... yep, it dunn't get much better than this!!! Available now from Jungle for just $22.

'Rear View' - new print by D*Face available now from Stolenspace

"Rear View' is an almighty 17-colour screen print by D*Face. It's available now from StolenSpace in an edition of 150 for £500. (Each print set comes with one die cut foreground 'driver' and both London & California backgrounds.)

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