Friday, 31 October 2014


You didn't think we'd let our favourite holiday (and yes, it is a holiday) pass by without some kind of celebration now did ya!? Right back at the beginning of the year we had the idea to turn our WOLFMASK designed logo into a 3D toy. There was only one person capable of pulling off such a task; a certain Taiwan-based toy maker known only as SKULL MAN aka 13ART!
Utilising our vast knowledge of the Taiwanese language, we back and forth'd over email for months until finally, a box of cockeyed miniature rotters landed on our desk. Now... these things may be small, but the quality is simply stunning having been handmade and painted by one of the best toy makers in the game.
Limited to just 30 pieces, each resin skull comes packaged in a handmade box (numbered) complete with stickers, additional treats and absolutely no tricks.
So, when are we dropping these rancid beasts? ...well how about today? Scrap that, how about right bloody now - IT IS HALLOWEEN AFTER ALL!!! Purchase your very own SOB totem HERE for just £15 ($25)

Thursday, 30 October 2014

New horror-themed prints from Worthyenemies - available now!

Worthyenemies is the mega talented cat (not literally) who creates those insane backing card visuals for RETROBAND's bootleg figures. Well, he's just dropped these 5 new prints in his online store which feature the heavyweights of 80s/90s horror cinema. All are limited to just 20 pieces per and will run you $25 each.

'BLACULA' - upcoming resin figure from Falcontoys

Limited to just 20 pieces, this mighty-fine looking 'BLACULA' resin figure goes onsale tomorrow, October 31st at 5pm CST from Falcontoys for $55.

Upcoming halloween tee from Cavity Colors x We Buy Your Kids

 Cavity Colors has teamed up with graphic design duo We Buy Your Kids to bring us this new halloween tee which drops later today (5pm EST) in the Cavity Colors store, alongside a new mini collection of horror-themed goodies especially made for the day! 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

'Skull Leader' - new limited edition custom mech by HUCK GEE

Huck Gee writes: 'Robotech was profoundly influential on my childhood. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced at the time. Not only was the story mind-blowingly epic, beautifully drawn, with touches of romance, and giant transformable mechs battling massive battle hungry aliens... but it was the first cartoon I had ever watched in which a character died. And not just any character but a tough, charismatic lead: Roy Fokker, AKA Skull Leader.
I know Robotech's production history. I know it was originally released in Japan under the title Macross and that the 2nd and 3rd story arcs were kit bashed together from 2 different anime series. I've never really dug into it but I assume there's purists out there that would poopoo me for not referring to this series as Macross. But for me, wether the enemy is Zentraedi, Masters or Invid, the show will always be Robotech. That's how I was introduced to it. That's the series that inspired my adolescent impressionable self. Twenty odd years later I feel enlivened to revisit this slice of my youth.'
Skull Leader will be available for 24 HOURS ONLY directly at for $450. It will be available beginning this Friday, October 31st, at 11am PDT and removed from the store at 11am PDT on Saturday, November 1st.

Bud "The Bomber" Graziano from Goodleg Toys X Teptec Studios

The amazing thing about blogging is that you constantly learn new cool stuff. Like today we read all about Italian actor, director and professional swimmer Bud Spencer, thanks to this upcoming release from Goodleg Toys x Teptec Studios. Not only did Bud conquer pretty much everything he tried his hand at, he also named himself after his favourite beer too! How gangsta in that?

Anyway, pre-orders for this butch bastard start on October 31st at 12.01am GMT+1 in the Goodleg Shoppe. And note... Hulk is not included!!

'Headless Biker' - new screen print by Andrew Lockhart

'Headless Biker' by Andrew Lockhart. It's a 18" x 24", 3-colour screen print in a signed and numbered edition of 40. Made for Portland ARTCRANK, it's available now from Andrew's online store for $25.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Reveal of FERG's upcoming PLAYGE DOCTOR S004 [GRACKLE]

Everyone knows I flippin' love FERG's Squadt toys (and if you didn't, you do now). I still remember how psyched I got when first stumbling across them a few years back. I still feel a buzz to this day whenever news comes in of a new one.  And guess what, todays the day!...

PLAYGE DOCTOR [GRACKLE] 6" vinyl, fur and ABS - Includes: clear grey lenses, fur topped cape, 2.1 and classic arms, jeweled clear grey sword-cane, clear grey katana and removable helmet. In an edition of 200.
It's another HALLOWEEN drop so make sure you're sat at your computer at Noon CST on Oct 31st. It'll be available HERE for $95.

New DRIVE poster by Signal Noise for BBC Radio 1's RESCORE

Remember Signal Noise's DRIVE poster (previously blogged) from way back in 2011? Well now he's back with a new one for BBC Radio 1's upcoming rescore of the film's soundtrack which airs on Thursday October 30th.

James writes: 'The big question will inevitably be “Will this be offered up as a poster?”. And honestly, I don’t know yet. I went rogue on this one so I guess we’ll have to see.'

Steve Zissou - The Resin Toy for Spoke Art's 'BAD DADS V' Show

Spoke Art are back with their fifth BAD DADS show which opens this Halloween. What really caught our eye were these awesome Steve Zissou resin figures! Who made these? Well, whoever it was - they've completely nailed it! Only 25 pieces judging by the packaging (which also rocks). Follow Spoke Art on FB for further details. 

SOS aka Sauce - New Day [Simpsons style music video]

Brilliant idea for a music video, not to mention a pretty bouncin' hip hop tune too! Download SOS's 'New Day' EP for free HERE.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Preorder 'Monkey with a Gun' sculpture by Mike Mignola

Bigshot Toyworks have 3-dimensionalised Mike Mignola's 'Monkey with a Gun' artwork and you can pre-order it right about now for $150! The piece, standing 9.5" tall, will be produced in limited numbers, comes with a free signed print and is scheduled to drop in the first quarter of 2015.

New skull & eyeball patterned scarf by WOLFMASK - available now

For all those unlucky sod's out there who (like me) are unable to grow a nice trendy man-beard to keep you warm this winter, WOLFMASK has the answer! We can now protect our necks with this new skull'd up scarf! Pre-order HERE for just £15 ($25).

'And at the End of Fear, Oblivion' - original drawing by Randy Ortiz

Scarecrow is by far my favourite bad guy from Batman and this sketch by Randy Ortiz really captures everything that's so great about him. It's available now from Mondo for $2500. There are other outstanding originals too like this piece below by Bruce Yan which is now sold out but still well worth an eyeball here I thought!

Upcoming DOCTOR DOOM figure from ThreeA Toys X MARVEL

No word on pricing yet but this 1/6th Doctor Doom figure will be available for pre-order on October 31st at For future updates follow 3A on FB.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Middle Of Beyond knitwear - SOB review [MOB Vs SOB]

A few months back the good people at Middle Of Beyond sent us a couple of their wonderfully unique knits for us to explore. At this time the weather was pretty good here in Britain which made doing this review impossible for one reason... sweat! It's safe to say that these garments are the warmest freakin' items of clothing you're ever likely to experience. Witness the thickness!
Now that the chill of autumn is upon us and with Halloween looming just around the corner, we thought this weekend was the perfect time to carry out this piss about errr, I mean review. So yesterday we excitedly wrapped ourselves in our new novelty wool-ware and skipped across to the nearest abandoned graveyard for some festive frolics (in a 'respectful to the dead' kinda manner).
Firstly, the quality of these pieces is exceptional, which is something you might expect considering their $80 price tag. They look just like they do online, maybe even better. Our only word of caution comes when choosing your size, having both found them to be rather on the large side. In fact, my 'small' almost fitted Tom's 6 ft 2" frame meaning on my 5 ft 7" bod, it looked more like a coat than a cardigan :/
Our solution was to wear them with hoodies on underneath. Although this did add to the stifling heat, it suddenly made them look right. Before, my WOLF cardigan made me feel like I was a member of The Night's Watch (minus the feathers). And Tom's Sasquatch cardigan made him look like one serious old-timer. Hoods equalled good in this case which meant SOB were now ready to MOB!!!
After much rigorous testing, we concluded that everyone should invest in some MOB apparel. Chances are you'll mainly be wearing them during the winter months so we recommend an item from their Christmas range which includes, 'Zombie Santa', 'Hip Hip Santa' and various awesome Krampus designs. These will blow everyone else's novelty jumpers out of the water at the office xmas party but are also fashionable enough to rock all year round.

Follow MOB on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

Selection of works available from Daniel Yu

Not particularly new news but if you're in the market for some great little treats, you could do a lot worse than those available now in Daniel Yu's store. What's more these featured pieces are all under $35 each and are just a selection of whats on offer.

New 'Stripe from Gremlins' fabric sculpture by Tessa Morrison for Guzu Gallery's upcoming Icons of Horror: A Haunted Portrait Show

Tessa Morrison is the Queen of fabric manipulation. With a clever twist, roll or fold she can produce super-impressive pop-art sculptures that are packed full of character and charm. This is her latest piece made for Guzu Gallery's upcoming horror-themed art show (details below). Stay up to date with everything Tessa by following her on Twitter.

Tessa comments: "Gremlins was one of my favorite scary movies as a kid. Yes, it was also a goofy comedy, but as a kid it was freaky to think about monsters scurrying in the dark sabotaging machinery, cutting power lines, and coming after you. One of the original scripts actually had the gremlins kill Billy’s mom, but instead they had her be a badass killing the gremlins with kitchenware. Think how different that movie would have been with Billy avenging his mom?"

If you like what you see and have the overwhelming urge to own Stripe then listen up because he's available now for $275. Simply contact Gallery Guzu to make your purchase.

All of the work from the show will be available online on November 3rd at Noon CST.

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