Tuesday, 30 September 2014

'Mulholland Drive' - new screen print by Grzegorz Domaradzki

'Mulholland Drive' by Grzegorz Domaradzki. New limited edition screen print, available now from Grey Matter Art ($50 standard / $75 variant).

...is it just me or does this scream Walking Dead? Well, maybe just the top half anyway.

'Lesley the Pony Has an A+ Day!' [animation]

Shit gets wild.

'SITTING PRETTY' - upcoming screen print by Anthony Lister

'SITTING PRETTY' by Anthony Lister. It's a 21cm x 29cm, hand-embellished screen print on 180gsm archival paper in an edition of 100. Available this Friday October 3rd from www.LISTERSHOP.com.

'In Darkest Knight' - new print by Chris Skinner

'In Darkest Knight' by Chris Skinner. Fine art Giclee print (12"x12") in an edition of 100 for $25. Available now from Hero Complex Gallery.

'Horror Show - A tribute to classic and B-movie horror cinema'

New Rule Collective are currently in the process of putting together their next exhibition titled, 'Horror Show - A tribute to classic and B-movie horror cinema', just in time for Halloween. You might remember their previous The Warriors inspired show which kicked some serious booty! Well this new endeavour looks to be equally awesome with the likes of GODMACHINE, Dan Mumford and BONEFACE all contributing horror themed artwork. They just need a little community backing (via Kickstarter) to see this project come to life so go forth and spend my beauties, spend!!!!

UZI DOES IT - upcoming art toy from OG_Slick X Silent Stage

'UZI DOES IT' by OG_Slick X Silent Stage (Black on Black edition). Hand cast in high impact resin, this gun-toting Mickey stands a massive 16.5" tall, comes signed and numbered in an edition of 25 (+5 Silent Stage APs). Available on Wednesday October 1st @ 11am (LA time) from www.ogslick.com.

Monday, 29 September 2014

The work of Austin England [aka Moche Life]

The work of California based Austin England. Follow him on Instagram and buy his prints, stickers and zines from his online store.

AnyForty's Chapter 03 [2014] collection - available now

Featuring 14 garments in total including 7 brand new artist collaboration tees from Captain Kris, Philth, Ohnoes, 45RPM, Mr Lister, Friks 84 and Richt. All available to purchase from AnyForty as of right now!

'Bacon Cheeseburger' - new print by Matthew Douglas

'Bacon Cheeseburger' by Matthew Douglas. It's a 19"x25", 3-colour screen print in a signed and numbered edition of 50. Available to purchase now from Matthew's online store for $40.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

RUFF SKETCH BOX SET from Sweet Toof - available now

RUFF SKETCH BOX SET from Sweet ToofEach box set contains 8 original sketches in pencil and ink on 300gsm acid free watercolour paper. Each sketch is approx. 10 cm x 7 cm. Available now for £80 HERE.

Friday, 26 September 2014

New STREET CREEP apparel designed by Ermsy

New STREET CREEP apparel designed by Ermsy - available now (£20 tee) and (£35 sweat) HERE.

'There Will Be Blood' - new screen print by Tara McPherson

'There Will Be Blood' by Tara McPherson. It's a 16" x 23", 5-colour screen print in a signed and numbered edition of 50 (AP's). Available now from The Cotton Candy Machine for $175.

Mondo News! The Iron Giant and NOSFERATU print releases

 Poster by Mike Saputo and Phantom City Creative. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 235. $45
 Poster by Landland. 24"x18" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 200. $40
Poster by William Stout. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 275. $50

Follow Mondo on Twitter for the on sale announcement. These posters will be available online at a random time today Friday, September 26th.

New print and tee by Drew Millward for the North West Barber Co.

This new print and tee design by Drew Millward is available to pre-order now from the North West Barber Co.

'Bat Butt & Eurovison 78 Zine' and 'The Mega Meat Melter' pack

'The Mega Meat Melterscreen printed promo packs by Shaun Hill and Jesse Coetsee. Enquire about availability via Bat Butt on Instagram.

'Bat Butt & Eurovison 78 Zine' -30 page A6 zine by various contributors. Available HERE for $5 (includes postage).

Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Matrix - 8 Bit Cinema

The Matrix retold via old-school 8-bit (and a little 16 bit) game tech. No quarters or controllers required! 

BATMAN cover art prints - available now from FrenchParperArtClub

DETECTIVE COMICS N.69 by Carlos Olmo

Both screen prints are available now from FrenchParperArtClub for €35 each.

'we can no longer protect you forever' -new print by Daniel Danger

Daniel Danger will be selling the red and blue versions of his 'we can no longer protect you forever' print tomorrow, Friday 26th (which incidentally is also his birthday) at 2pm EST HERE.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' - new print by Nicolas Delort

Look out for this new Charlie Brown print dropping from Dark Hall Mansion on Thursday October 2nd. Head over to Blurrpy for an exclusive interview with Nicolas Delort and to preview some of the variants which includes a rather awesome glow in the dark edition.

'STRYKR' and 'OX' - upcoming bootleg toys from RETROBAND

OX, leader of Throne Runners Gates Street!
STRYKR, leader of the Gladiators Godland!

B.R.A.W.L! stands for... Battles Raging Against War Lords! and is Retroband and Worthy Enemies NEW original toy line. They are 4.5" resin figures sculpted, cast and hand-painted by Retroband (Aaron Moreno) with backing art by Worthy Enemies (Gabriel Hernandez). Both figures are limited to 25 pieces. Available tomorrow, September 26th at 12PM CST HERE.

Blurb: 'The year is 1987. Some gangs enter but most gangs leave bruised, bloodied and murdered to never be heard of again. Consumed and Swallowed by the larger tyrant gangs of New Block City. These gangs work under concealment of the dark streets working under the city lights in a constant tug of war for turf, weapons, drugs and money. The authorities have failed New Block City. Many police officers no longer protect and serve but work under these War Lords who run the big gangs. On the gangs payroll they turn corrupt for the better of the gangs they work for. Inner City gangs begin to rise up recruiting some of the hardest, most deadly fighters on the streets. When night falls there is no longer a safe haven for no one. Peace has died along with the structure of New Block City.'

Sunday, 21 September 2014

SOB presents: PLASTIK SCHMACK! - bootleg toy show!

So here it is! Our first ever physical show, Plastik Schmack!  Bootleg toys for freaks and geeks, lovingly mangled for your pleasure by 20-odd artists, illustrators and lowlife grotbags. A massive thank you goes out to all of the participants and a special big'up to Lukasz Kowalczuk for rocking our show poster!

'GOOFE' by 45RPM
'Brokeback Mountain' by Daniel Sparkes (Mudwig)
'AXL - Heroine From Uranus' by Super Future Kid
'Teenage Orco and Friend' by Ermsy
'Pink Soda Boy' by Jack West-Oram
'Death Troll Rises' by Mr. Four Fingers

'BRAINBREAKER' by Mr. Flurry
(£80 -includes A3 poster)
'SHOBA' by Ink On Skin
'Satans Mates Hal Razor' by Patch Plummer
'Fast Food Five-Oh' by Tom Deason
'Snooperman' by Listen04
'John Crete' by Struggletown Records
'Mr. Mean Guy' by Wolf Mask
'BAD-ASS GRANPA' by Andrew Richmond
'SLUB' by Warwick Johnson Cadwell
 'Forge LaForge' by Josh Ln
'Black Taxi Crab' by Bob Motown
'EATHER' by Michele Guidarini
'Ackbarrassing Bodies' by Mick Minogue 

'Action Figure Bronson' by SOB X Bernard Rollins
'ABSURDIAN' by Sam Cookson Probably

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