Sunday, 31 August 2014

Pieces from the TMNT group exhibition at A Shop Called Quest


One of the strongest Turtles show's do date is this collection currently showing at the awesomely titled A Shop Called Quest. Many of these pieces are still available including the above jaw-dropping print set by Clog-Two.

'Dripped' [animated short]

A tribute to the great Jackson Pollock by ChezEddy.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

'Life Will Find A Way'' - upcoming screen print from Mark Englert

Mark Englert's Jurassic Park inspired print, 'Life Will Find A Way' will be available later today (August 30th) from Gallery 1988. It's a 12"x36", 6-colour screen print in an edition of 200 for $60.

Pre-order the new 'KRAMPUS' sweater from Shredders Knit Apparel

Designed by Death/Tailors this new KRAMPUS sweater from Shreddars Knit Apparel is available to pre-order now for $72.

If you pre-order this weekend not only will you get 10% off but this free patch too!

...and if you're feeling the work of Death/Tailors aka Alexander Heir then pick up his prints HERE ($50).

New 'Private Hooligan' colourways available from Bwana Spoons

Have you ever seen a happier looking toy? Nah, nor us. These chirpy 'Private Hooligan' figures are available now from Bwana Spoons' online store for between $60 and $160 HERE.


Friday, 29 August 2014

'The Shelbyville' tee - available now from Shuggies Sweet Revenge

'The Shelbyville' tee by Shuggies Sweet Revenge is available now in black and white ($45) or in full, hand-painted colour for $75. Be sure to cop his sweeeet Larry David tee too ($55)!

'The Walking Dud' - upcoming figure from True Cast Studio

True Cast Studio writes: "These are all production PVC from the Onell Design factory in China. They have Glyos System articulation. There will be a Pheyden Blue unpainted colorway in the baggie for $8ea. (GREAT for painting/customizing), an Ultra Rotten fully painted colorway in baggie for $15 ea. and then an Ultra Rotten DX fully painted colorway in clamshell w/ header card and inner vacuum formed tray for $20 each."

'The Walking Dud' will be released on August 31st at 8pm CST over at

'You Are My Hero' new print by Michael Loeb - available now

'You Are My Hero' by Michael Loeb. It's a 18.5"x22" print in a signed and numbered edition of 50 for $65. Available now HERE.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

'Diggin' In The Carts' trailer

Red Bull Music Academy present Diggin In The Cart, a new six part web documentary series exploring the secret history of Japanese video game music; Starting September 4th.

Lepreskar (Skeletor Edition) from Clutter Studios x Toy Mafia

Lepreskar (Skeletor Edition) from Clutter Studios x Toy Mafia. Limited to just 15 pieces worldwide this MoTU tribute resin skull is available now for $80 HERE.

Born in hellfire and left to rot in a field of disease, The "Lepreskar" is the perfect addition to any maggot infested collection of plastic joy! Mottled with patches of oozing flesh, the Toy Mafia name appears twisted into the back of the head!

'Joining Forces Like Voltron!' - new zine by Sheryo and The Yok

'Joining Forces Like Voltron!' - a new 56 page zine by Sheryo & The Yok. Available to order HERE for $14 (in an edition of 100). 

CELSCAPES - new solo show from James White aka Signal Noise

Previews galore from James White's upcoming solo show at Bottleneck Gallery titled, 'CELSCAPES' which opens tomorrow (Friday 29th August). 

'Geisha' - upcoming print from Jon-Paul Kaiser

Simply titled 'Geisha' this new A3 print from Jon-Paul Kaiser comes signed and numbered and is printed onto heavy-weight pulp paper (380gsm) with a matte finish. They'll be available from JPK's online store tomorrow, Friday August 29th at 16:00 BST for £25 each.

New 'Frankenstein' tee by Daggers For Teeth for MILES TO GO

The ever popular illustrator known only as Daggers For Teeth went to town on this new tee for MILES TO GO. Pick one up now for $25.

Biggie 'Ready to Die' print by Chris B. Murray - available now

Chris B. Murray writes: 'A series of re-illustrated classic hip-hop album covers from the 90's era. Each newly illustrated cover comes with the "Re-illustrated Classics" stamp of approval + the full track listing from that album beautifully interwoven in the design.'

Available now in Chris' online store for $40 (signed).

Kilian Eng's 'Ghost in the Shell' AP's drop tomorrow [August 28th]

Kilian Eng will be selling AP's of his 'Ghost in the Shell' screen print (originally made for Mondo) tomorrow Thursday 28th August via There will be 45 prints available at 2pm Central time.

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