Friday, 28 February 2014

Poster Posse Project - 'X-MEN: Days of Future Past' Blurppy show

Whoop, Whoop! The Blurppy gang have sprung back into action with a whole heap of X-MEN 'Days of Future Past' graphics. We've plucked a few favourites from their site, but click HERE to see the full extent of the show.

Mick Minogue's action figure #4 'Beric Dondarrion'

Figure #4 from Mick Minogue's 'Song Of Fire & Ice Action Figure Collection'. Behold the heavily damaged but not quite dead, 'Beric Dondarrion'. Still four more pieces to be revealed! I'll be sad when there's no more...

Oh and don't forget the, 'Winter Is Coming' group show opens tomorrow (March 1st) at Ltd. Gallery.

WWR EVOL MARQUIS DE PLUME - 1/6th scale figure from ThreeA

WWR EVOL MARQUIS DE PLUME - available now from Bambaland for $130.

CHRISTINE by Dan Mumford & THE FOG by Luke Insect for FFO

CHRISTINE by Dan Mumford. It's a 4-colour, 18" x 24" screen print for £35 in an edition of 60. Available from FrightFest Originals on March 7th.

THE FOG by Luke Insect. It's a 3-colour, 18" x 24" screen print for £35, in an edition of 60. Available from FrightFest Originals on March 14th.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Alex Yanes - 'Better Than Yesterday' [2013] collection

Although this is an old(ish) body of work by Miami based artist Alex Yanes, it's still definitely worth a share here on SOB. Lots of these pieces are still available to purchase from Thinkspace Gallery, if they tickle your fancy that is?

'Nyth' - new custom Tequila by MAp-MAp aka Matthew Plater

BLODDY NORAH, check out this new custom by UK artist MAp-MAp!! I seriously need this dude in my life! Shame it was made for a private collector ...lucky git.

"We all have those crazy years, but then birds nest on your head and you have to calm down a little...UNLESS YOU ARE NYTH!!! Since those birds started roosting away on Nyth's bonce, life has been crazy. He's pulling up trees to launch into the horizon, throwing boulder's through mountains, even burrowing into fox dens on the other side of the earth. All this stuff used to happen before the birds arrived, it's just now the top of Nyth's head goes *cheep cheep* as he does it."

Mondo News! DALLAS BUYERS CLUB - screen print by Matt Taylor

'Dallas Buyers Club' by Matt Taylor. It's a 20" x 36", hand numbered screen print in an edition of 325 for $45. Follow Mondo on Twitter for the on sale announcement. This poster will be available online at a random time on Friday, February 28th.

Mick Minogue's Figure #3 'Theon Greyjoy' [with Begging Action]

Here we go with figure no. 3 from Mick's 'A Song Of Ice And Fire' inspired toy collection. Every character in his 8-piece set is 'Battle Damaged' and 'suitable for wildlings'. 'Winter is Coming' opens tomorrow (28th Feb) at Ltd. Art Gallery. Check out more images of Theon Greyjoy over on Mick's blog.

'Capitalism Makes Me Horny' - new print from Sebastian Bentler

New screen print series from Sebastian Bentler (thirtythr33), featuring unique hand sprayed and acrylic painted backgrounds. They are 19"x23", in a signed edition of 20. Available right now, HERE for 70Euro each.

Sebastian writes: "Capitalism Makes Me Horny" is about materialism and character. Enticement. Resistance. Balance. Our system. Materialism inflicted chaos. Paradise lost and won. Time versus Eternity.'

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

'5 Rules' - an animated short about surviving art school

Love the style of illustration on this. By Andy Baker and Thomas Slater.

Matt Ferguson for the upcoming 'INFLUENCES' show at Bottleneck

 Yup, Matt Ferguson has surely stepped up his game for his upcoming 'INFLUENCES' show at Bottleneck gallery. I'd hang the sh*t outta that Jurassic Park piece! The show opens tomorrow, 28th Feb.

Paper toys from the team at MOMOT

I can't tell you too much about the Korean brand that is MOMOT, mainly because of the whole 'language barrier' problem. But hey, if you're curious to know more then why not watch the video below to see the entire making-of process to realise Captain America in 3D paper toy form.

Mick Minogue's Figure #2 'The Hound' for GoT show @ Ltd. Gallery

This is the 2nd of 8 figures from Mick Mingoue's, 'Battle Damaged Collection' for the upcoming GoT show, 'Winter is Coming' at Ltd. Art Gallery presented by George R.R. Martin. Look out for the reveal of piece #3 which drops tomorrow!

More images of The Hound can be found HERE and be sure to check out figure #1 which featured a rather down-in-the-dumps Jamie Lannister.

'We Are Indie Toys!' - new BOOK by Louis Bou

Peeps who are into their indie toys should think about picking up this rather striking 208-page book to add to their collection and help fuel their obsession. It's available now from places like Amazon for $22.

The indie world is producing extraordinary toy characters but little is known about the designers creating them or the processes used to make them. We Are Indie Toys! profiles the most interesting toymakers and reveals how they turn their unique ideas into one-of-a-kind collectibles.

Godzilla [Trailer]

Oh what's that?... Walter White's in it? Okay, I'm sold.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

'Flash!' new screenprint from WOLFMASK - available now

'Flash!' - new 38x38cm, 2 colour screenprint from WOLFMASK. Available now for just £15, HERE.

Sesame Street Fighter

Looks like it's mash up season tonight, first Batman vs Terminator, now we've got the likes of Ernie as Ken Vs Cookie Monster as E. Honda! This online game can be player HERE, (heads up - you have to type the letters that appear on the screen to perform moves. Took me ages to work that one out!).

Illustration by Mike Giant for 'Modern Hieroglyphics' show at FFDG

I basically wish my pasty skin was covered in all of this Mike Giant wizardry. If you don't know who this illustrator is, well... he's a boss! He has proved this to be true by selling out every piece from his exhibition at FFDG. Hit the jump for loads more of these (and I do mean loads more!)

Mike writes: I started to look at modern tattoo designs as well as corporate and band logos as "modern hieroglyphics". I thought a lot about how the symbols of our time would be objectively translated by future generations. And instead of trying to explain it, I made drawings to codify the symbolic language of our time for future observers to translate for themselves.

Batman vs Terminator animation

Holy MF shit bags! This fan made animation just blew my mind! Major kudos to it's creator Mitchell Hammond, who it seems put a ridiculous amount of time and effort into making this, well done Mr. Hammond. Also shout out to Noir Deco who did the music, got a great 80s Carpenter vibe - love it!

Big wigs at DC take note, this should have lots of money thrown at it for a feature length animation!!

Upcoming prints from 'Winter Is Coming' group show at Ltd. Gallery

Those interested in snagging a print from the upcoming 'Winter is Coming' group show at Ltd. Gallery should lurk in their online store on Friday 28th Feb at 12:30 PST, at which time they will drop the above prints plus those by Mark Englert and Nicolas Delort (personal fav).
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