Saturday, 9 August 2014

SOB presents: RUN THE JEWELS X KRANG custom action figure

(The best thing about having a blog is being able to post your own work without having to ask any other sucker. So, check out what we've been up to besides endless art peddling...)

First off, if you like hip hop and don't have RUN THE JEWELS, that's a problem. (although easily resolved by downloading it for free HERE). We love the album intensely and have had it in constant rotation since it dropped last year.

This custom was inspired by the severed hands on the albums cover art coupled with the idea that EL-P is the brain behind RTJ and Killer Mike... THE BRAWN!!! Much like Krang and his mechanical android body.


  1. Incredible! How many moneys for one of my own?

    1. Hey dude, thanks so much for the praise! This was a one-off custom I'm afraid

    2. Oh my god I would pay A LOT for this!! You sure you can't make another?


  2. Mass produce these because


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