Friday, 16 May 2014

SOB presents: 'THE BIG ASS MONSTER SHOW!!!' - keepin' it ROAR

CyclopsDuncan Cox

Shenlong the EternalBenjamin Mounsey

Bad Slimer - Butch the Butcher

Gentleman from the Black Lagoon - Butch the Butcher

Custom Labbit - Shadoe Delgado
Available to purchase from Shadoe's online store for $350.

Apache Chief - Zombie Yeti

Captain Blackweird - Goodleg Toys

Goodleg Toys comment: 'Blackweird is Goodleg Toys' first 100% hand sculpted non-bootleg toy, created in the spirit of late 80s / early 90s toylines such as TMNT, Toxic Crusaders, and Bucky O' Hare. He was originally released in spring 2013. Now he's back for Streets of Beige's Big Ass Monster Show!  He even has a bio!

Captain John "Goodleg" Blackweird once found  himself shipwrecked at some shore he had never travelled before... in a year he could not remember... trapped in a body that did not seem to be his own. He couldn't even remember his name. All that was left to him was an old map he found inside his belly picturing a name - probably his name -, and a mystical island called URUNGATUNGA. Since this day the Captain and his crew of pirates that he had gathered around him have been on the journey on the Oceans of Eternity. Their quest: to find URUNGATUNGA and the Captain's true destiny.

Godzilla Tattoo - Frank Mysterio

Tyrant - Gavin Strange [Jam Factory]

Mr Soft - Mick Minogue
This piece is available to purchase from Mick Minogue's online store (150).

Mick comments: 'This week has been so difficult, you have no idea how hard it has been. The song has become ingrained in my head again. My Ma rang me last night before she shipped off to Spain and said " well what we're ya at today in the studio love?" 
" Aw Ma I've been trying to make a Mr Soft, you remember the wobbly man from back in the day off the tele, well I'm trying to make him."
My Ma's response " Oh sweet Jesus!"

She remembers the torment. That bastard ruined white cats, post boxes and funny walks for me for years. I do however love lamp posts as I always felt they were on my side.'

Bellow - Matt Griffin
This piece (alongside two tasty variants) are available in Matt's STORE (35).

The Black Lagoon - Tim Miness


Sasquatch - Joshua Belanger
This piece is available as a limited edition poster in Joshua's STORE ($18).

Don't Come Back - Matthew Johnson

Matt comments: 'illustrated the awesomely fearsome Marshmallow from the movie "Frozen" simply because he's a badass character and I love snow monsters. My only gripe with the character is that I wish he had gotten more screen time! To fit in with his large stature, I designed this print to be HUGE: it's a 24x36 screen print and it turned out great.'

This piece is available as a limited edition print in Matt's Seventh.Ink STORE ($45).

Moth Man - Tessa Morrison

Tessa comments: "I grew up in the misty mountains of West Virginia and have always enjoyed reading about mythological creatures and cryptozoology. So it seemed appropriate to show my love for The Mountain State by creating its legendary red-eyed harbinger from the 1960s."

They're Coming - Lee Nakama

Rubikzilla - Super Future Kid
 Purchase the original acrylic on canvas HERE for £350.

Titan04 - Moth Tongues

Cyclops - Wynn Ryder
Purchase the original paint marker drawing HERE for £30.

The Mighty Rancor - Dan Shearn

Dan comments: "I went with the mighty Rancor from 'Return of the Jedi', this was the first actual movie monster i ever saw. I was blown away by it as a kid, so it made sense to use this for my submission."

Frankenstein and the Monster from HellAndrew Richmond
Purchase the original pencil drawing HERE for £100.

Andrew comments: "I've always loved old Hammer Films and this one is pretty gruesome. Bond girl Madeline Smith and Bristol's own - Dave Prowse as the monster made it a must for me."

The Gamera  - Andrew Richmond
Purchase the original drawing HERE for £75.

GRRR!  - Andrew Richmond
Purchase this original piece HERE for £50.

Venom Liberty - Chad Woodward

The Kraken Awakes - Jon-Paul Kaiser
Jon-Paul comments: "I picked the Kraken because it is a Monster of subtle and terrifying beauty, it's a monster that's fascinated me for quite some time, especially with sightings of colossal giant squid only having recently been verified, what else is out there in the lonely ocean depths?"

Purchase the original hand sculpted 4" piece HERE for £150.

Wander and the Colossus - Ian Wilding

Oi, fat ass! - RöTWANG

The Rocky Horror Biter ShowMr. Flurry

It's All In Your Head - Mr. Four Fingers

Space Debate - Mr. Four Fingers

The Terror Combo - Ouer Graffix

The Lighthouse Keeper - Jack West-Oram

We were (and still are) amazed at the response we got for our first online show, 16Bit BrawlWith that firmly in mind, we decided to go in for round two and this time went BIG!!! 

We've always loved monsters and generally, it's a case of 'the bigger the better' for us. Many years we spent a long weekend drinking beer and playing, Shadow of the Colossus on the PS2, a game which took our love for big creatures to whole new level. It had such an impact, that when it came to picking a subject matter for our new show (and in anticipation of the new Godzilla movie), we could think of no finer topic than BIG ASS MONSTERS!!!

If you enjoyed the show then why not purchase the official ZINE, containing all of the works from the show! It's limited to just 50 copies and comes signed by one of the artists. Only £3 ($5) each and available now HERE.

Lastly, a MASSIVE thank you to all of the artists involved, we love you talented freaks!

Purchase the official show poster from Matthew Griffin's online store for 35 in a small edition of just 10.

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