Friday, 21 March 2014

SOB presents 16Bit BRAWL!!! SEGA Vs NINTENDO... Lets do this!!!

Street Fighter Squatties by Matthew Hitchcock. Free downloadable templates available HERE.

Matthew writes: 'I recall wandering in to the electrical store Comet (RIP) after school one day with some friends and playing Street Fighter 2 on a SNES for the first time, eventually being asked to leave so somebody else could play because we'd been on it for ages, and were making too much noise. The excitement of the experience has always stuck in my mind. I'm always looking for distinct characters to convert to my style, and the franchise provides some really rich characterisations that are a blessing for what I do.'

Super Dooper Fuckin' Mario Brothers by Richt

You Missed A Spot! by Zombie Yeti

Death From Above by Dan Shearn

Mario vs Sonic by Duncan Cox

Ghouls N Ghosts by Joshua Andrew Belanger

S and K by Moth Tongues

Alien Rebels by Mr. Flurry

Not So Groovy by Mr. Flurry

Mother Brain's Revenge by Mr. Flurry

Bowser and the Koopas by Chad Woodward

Zombies Ate My Neighbours by Wynn Ryder

Mortal B.I.G (Biggie Smalls / Mortal Kombat Mashup) by Patrick Wong

Patrick writes: 'The piece is based on the classic Biggie Smalls rhyme from the song "Juicy", that referenced Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis - when he was poor, he could hardly imagine these luxury items. The Sega Genesis was known for the uncensored version of Mortal Kombat. Like the introduction of rap music's Parental Advisory sticker, the ESRB was formed and began rating games like this one as "M" for mature due to the graphic nature of the fatalities. The Mortal B.I.G custom figure juxtaposes two spheres of culture that emerged during the 1990s - the Golden Age of Hip Hop and 16-bit Era of gaming.'
16Bit by Wolf Mask

Hadouken by Benjamin Mounsey

A Link to the Past by Dean Lord

All Seven and the Universe is Theirs by Doaly

SD writes: 'Every single stereotype about Canadians and hockey is true; We ooze hockey pucks from our pores. Growing up, I logged an incredible amount of hour playing NHL '93 and '94, played entire fantasy seasons, and even kept log books of all the my stats. This GIF isn't so much the Devil and God playing, but rather two of my friends who up to just recently would have the most brutal rivalry playing '94 each other. I'll let them fight over who's who.'

Gold Ringz by Stuart Witter

Eggman Industries by Chad Woodward

We here at SOB would like to sincerely thank all of the amazing artists who produced work for this show. Everything was done for the love of retro gaming, art and good old nostalgia!

Don't forget you can purchase Chad Woodward's 'Eggman Industries' piece as a limited edition screen print from our online store. Plus, we are also selling an official limited edition show ZINE full of art, stickers and toys. Both are available right now, HERE.

'But I want something for free!!' we here you cry!...
Well come back each week when a new 'Vs' pair of Matt Hitchcock's Street Fighter Squatties will be released, allowing you can download, print, cut, fold and stick until your heart's content.

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