Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hobo Nickel art by Paolo Curcio (aka MrThe)

Paolo Curcio (aka MrThe) works into existing coins to create his own imagery featuring icons from pop culture, literature and plenty of human skulls. Its an art form known as Hobo Nickel art. You can purchase plastic castings of his pieces from his website which incidentally, remind me of the plastic Kini's/slammers that you used to get in your packet of POGS.

Work of Franz Wacik

Yeah we get down with some historical dudes every now and again; so in light of this and having just stumbled across the work of Austrian painter and graphic artist Franz Wacik (1883-1938), allow us to share some of the images we've found…(hit the jump for more obviously)...

Monday, 30 December 2013

SKULL BOMB - upcoming release from Jason Freeny X Mighty Jaxx

The main man himself, Mister Jason Freeny (of Moist Production fame) is set to drop a new toy titled, SKULL BOMB! Released in conduction with Mighty Jaxx, this 7.5 inch resin toy comes in an edition of 100 for $79 each. Check the flyer above for the exact release time(s).

Work from Bene Rohlmann

Some nice illustration work from Berlin based Bene Rohlmann (aka Pear Picker) with plenty of pop culture references for us all to enjoy! Hit the jump for a heavily tatted Donald Duck amongst other things!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

The sculptural work of Kate MacDowell

The sculptural work of Kate MacDowell, who's work has obvious similarities to that of toy customiser Jason Freeny (MoistProduction). Hit the jump for more examples of her work.

'Cretaceous Savior' - new toy from Small Angry Monster

A fantastic celebration of dino-love here in the form of this 'Cretaceous Savior' toy from Small Angry Monster. Who's to say that Jesus wasn't a Raptor hummm? He's available now in a limited edition of 20 for $40, HERE.

Street Fighter inspired illustrated woodcut by Mick Minogue

An illustrated woodcut by Mick Minogue to accompany a story in Root & Bone magazine.

Life through a Google Street View lens by Jon Rafman

I like to think that the photography for Google Street View is collected by just two blokes in a van on an epic adventure, driving down every road and through every neighbourhood until they have mapped the entire world. This is a collection of outstanding imagery captured from Street View and collated by Jon Rafman. See more on his blog HERE.

KUNG FURY by Laser Unicorns [TRAILER]

Thanks to the awesomeness of crowd funding, KUNG FURY is destined to be made! Just watch the trailer and tell me this isn't right up our street! (well, if you're partial to 80's cop film inspired video game infused madness that is). They are currently $100,000 over their initial goal on Kickstarter but you can still pledge to be a part of this must see movie.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Friday, 27 December 2013

'Visual Funk: Jim Mahfood' - film from Dope Vinyl

If (like us) there was no chance of you getting to see the recent Food One exhibition at Hero Complex Gallery then you're in for a little treat. Jordan Ahern of Dope Vinyl has shot and edited this video of Mahfood at work, painting, prepping for the exhibition and at the gallery itself on opening night. It's a great little film with rather pleasant tunes and well worth a watch if you dig Mahfood's work. You can also check out the pieces (and prices) from the show HERE.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

'A Krampus Christmas' - from Screen Novelties

Just realised we haven't featured nearly enough Krampus action this year; apologies for this, hopefully a great little stop motion animation from the LA based studio Screen Novelties will suffice for now.

Ryan Todd's 'Animated gif(t)s' project

Christmas is over for another year but that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy this Animated Gif(t) project which features festive illustrated loops from designers worldwide. See more HERE if you think they ROCK which of course, they most certainly do!!!!

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Free digital comics from Dark Horse Digital - go get downloading!

Sign up to Dark Horse Digital for free digital downloads of comics like The Goon and Hellboy: A Christmas Underground, HERE!!!

A selection of illustrations by Ken Garduno

Some nice work here from Cali based illustrator Ken Garduno. Now, stop gawping at Batmans' lady friends and enjoy your blooming Christmas!!!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

'BILLY' - bootleg santa action figure from Retroband

Custom made 1:18 scale resin action figure with two part articulation. Action figure and axe accessory both in separate blister pack sealed in traditional UV coated 6x9'' card back! ....oh hang on, just realised this bad santa is now sold out... DOH! Nevermind, still well worth a look and gives you guys a chance to follow Retroband for any upcoming releases!

You can still buy a PUNISH print if you need some psychotic santa in your life - HERE for $25.

'Squatties' - keeping you procrastinating all day long.

If you end up a little 'light' on toys this festive season why not head on over to Squatties and make your own!

We've come across quit a few downloadable paper toy designs in the past but these bad boys from Bristol based Matthew Hitchcock are awesome and ridiculously easy to make, which means you could get a whole cabinet filled in an afternoon with the likes of Boba Fett, Walter Whilte, The Joker, Zombie Hitler, Scroobius Pip, Robocop, Banksy, Wolverine…..and the list goes on…..!

So get Granny cutting and sticking this Christmas and load those shelves with paper toy awesomeness!
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