Monday, 31 December 2012

Olly Moss presentation at OFFSET 2012

Watch this video and find out a little bit more about "The best Nazi designer since the Nazis!".

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Knitted Monster Masks from Brutal Knitting

Check out these hand knitted Monster Masks from Tracy Widdess; never realised knitting could be so cool! More mask examples and a Muscly Hot Dog (yeah thats right!) after the jump.

Onyx ft. Wu-Tang Clan - The Worst

How have I never heard this before?!

DJ Kevlar - Rappin' In The Woods (The Best Of 2012)

'Amarok' - custom Fonzo by Charles Rodriquez

Charles Rodriquez custom for the 'Fonzo love NY show' at myplasticheart.

Charles writes: Amarok is a gigantic wolf in Inuit mythology. His job was to eat the old and sick animals to preserve a balance. That is the reason of death on his throne.

'A Big Gun That Walks' - print by Ryan Brinkerhoff

'A Big Gun That Walks', print by Ryan Brinkerhoff. 2 color screenprint, 12 x 18 inches, numbered edition of 100, inspired by The Iron Giant, $20. Available now from Bottleneck Gallery.

Simple interventions on buildings by Aakash Nihalani

Simple interventions on buildings by Aakash Nihalani. I love the way these pieces force the viewer to take note of the architecture around them. Its worth noting that Aakash Nihalani has an exhibition coming up soon at Jonathan Levine Gallery.

SOB Soul Sunday #8

Week 8 - B.T. Express - If It Don't Turn You On (You Ought To Leave It Alone).

We're getting a little bit more funky now but its worth it for the track and the samples after the jump, especially SOB favourite End to End Burners by Company Flow.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

D.I.T.C - blasts from the past!

Being as how fellow SOB blogger Tom Zung has been bumpin' plenty of D.I.T.C recently, I thought I would hook him up with a couple of show uniformity and that.

'The Present' - Sha Stimuli & Dynamite Bruhz

Darkened Cities by Thierry Cohen

Check out these images from French photographer Thierry Cohen. He has manipulated photos of big cities to show them by starlight alone, removing all man-made light pollution.

Inglorious Bastards plush by Michelle Coffee

Take a look at this Inglorious Bastards plush by Michelle Coffee. I love it when plushies are made with a sinister twist! The plush medium means you can turn the darkest subject matter into something kinda...cute, (although I resent using that word). This piece is part of the Weapon of Choice! Art Show at Hero Complex Gallery.

Dynomight NYC presents "Z0MZ" WAVE 1

Dynomight NYC presents "Z0MZ" WAVE 1. These amusing looking robots (4inch) will be available on 16th Jan (HERE) for just $35. One of these could be an excellent first purchase for 2013 - but be quick as there will only be 35 pieces per design!

Barbie in art series by Jocelyne Grivaud

Vogue, Magazine, Erwin Blumenfeld

Johannes Vermeer ,'La Jeune Fille à la Perle'

Man Ray, Le Violon d’Ingres

Jocelyne Grivaud reinvents Barbie as famous works of art and cultural icons throughout the ages.

Jocelyne writes: Here’s my personal contribution as a birthday present to my mascot, Barbie, superimposed on the vision of artists whose work I greatly appreciate. Let me thank them all for creating such intense pictures. Many thanks to Ruth Handler for creating this dolly model that enraptured me throughout my childhood.

More images after the jump.

Friday, 28 December 2012

The Dark Knight book shelves

The Dark Knight book shelves by Fahmi Sani. 22 x 32 inch / 56 x 82 cm. $267 AUD. Order  yours HERE.

'80's Out' print by Serge Gay Jr.

'80's Out' print by Serge Gay Jr. for an 80's movie inspired group show at Gauntlet Gallery. Its a 20x20 print on Performance Bond Paper, signed and costs $75. Purchase HERE.

'Groper' toy by Triplikid

You gotta love this little (3.5inch) creature from Triplikid. He's called Groper and comes in various forms/colours all available from his online store HERE. Prices: Blue ($65), Orange ($65), Grey ($40), & DIY unassembled ($35).

Hittin' up the Metlac Railway Bridge (Mexico)

The Metlac Bridge in Veracruz, Mexico hasn't escaped the graffiti treatment as these writers risk everything to put up their names on the 430 foot high structure. Dedicated or stupid? decide!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Pink Holiday Garamon Tree from Maneki Nekro

Original sculpture prewired with bright pink lights
30" high on a turntable base

Oh how I wish my christmas tree looked like this!!!

Walt & Jesse - Breaking Bad custom Dunny's by Jared Cain

These Breaking Bad custom Dunny's by Jared Cain are exceptional. They are commissioned pieces and are therefore not available to purchase but why get in touch with him HERE to order a figure of your own!? Alternatively, have a browse through his toy gallery HERE to see Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, Donkey Kong, 300, Mario and many more.

Jared writes: This is my most recent custom commissions — Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from the acclaimed series Breaking Bad. The gas mask is an original sculpt and I used the first one to create a mold to create the 2nd one and painted them differently. 1 of a kind set never to be remade.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Peep - The Apocolypse

Free download from Joey Bada$$ and the Progressive Era crew.

Work from Juan Carlos Paz -BAKEA-

Anyone who plays with scale like Spanish illustrator/art director BAKEA does here, always goes down well with us. Love the splice of his characters into real photographs. Would love to see these bad boys in toy form!
More after the jump.

Mechanical (LEGO) Bowser by Zane Houston

Take a peek at this mechanical Bowser by Zane Houston - made entirely out of Lego for the Like a Boss contest (details of which can be found HERE). Hit the jump for work in progress shots.

Zane writes: Years of battling Mario and Luigi has taken its toll on Bowser; to compensate he constructed this giant mechanical version of himself to do his bidding. Equipped with razor-sharp claws, spikes, and a flamethrower powerful enough to scorch that mustachio right off your face. Stay in your pipe, puny plumber!
This was a fun and challenging build for me; partly due to all the weird angles (especially the shell) and because this is my first build not using almost all dark bley so I was much more limited in my piece collection (and I used just about every yellow brick and slope I own). I hope you guys like it!

BAIT x Street Fighter apparel

Cali based clothing company BAIT has recently released some Street Fighter themed apparel to celebrate the game's 25th anniversary. Hit the jump for more pics of whats on offer or check out their website HERE for the full collection.

'Santa Ninja' print by Chris Appelhans

'Santa Ninja' print by Chris Appelhans available now from Gallery Nucleus. 13” X 19” Giclee, $30. Purchase HERE

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Collage work from Guy Catling

Check out this work from Essex based Guy Catling; more after the jump.

Reef The Lost Cauze Is Dead by Reef The Lost Cause

Boomsticks at the ready...Its time to slay zombies, Xmas style!

Not exactly new but nevertheless relevant. This fun short comes from Team Unicorn and stars Rileah Vanderbilt, Michele Boyd, Milynn Sarley, and Clare Grant.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Nervis Wrek's got a deal not to be missed!

Get on over to Nervis Wrek's Facebook page, drop him a line and order a 3" Custom Dunny for $60 ($70 for us folks out of the US); what a bargin ay!!! Please note: the above image is just an example of the awesomeness of Mr. Wrek's custom work from a previous series.

Tape based artworks by French artist Benoit Jammes

This is a small selection of works by French artist Benoit Jammes. I personally love the X-rated cassettes who are gettin' jiggy with it80's style! See more of his tape based pieces HERE.

V​​A - 'Festive Season Music' from Jakarta Records

Work by David DiMichele

Installation/photography work from David DiMichele. More after the jump or HERE

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