Friday, 30 November 2012

The Madlib Remixes 1997-2007 (J Rocc Mixtape)

J.Rocc put this one together, collecting ten years of Madlib's remixes. Many of these were released by the artists on singles, others were made for Madlib's own use and are still unreleased. This was originally released as Stones Throw Podcast #21. Photo by B+
0:10 PB Wolf - Definition Of Ill (Single, Stones Throw) 
2:04 Foreign Legion - Nowhere To Hide (Single) 
3:28 Zion I - Critical (Single) 
4:40 Charizma - My World Premiere (Madlib Remixes Vol. 1) 
5:50 Prozack - Bang It (Death Taxes & Prozack CD) 
6:40 Que D - Cash Flow 
7:30 Common - The Sun God 
8:30 Madvillain - Money Folder (Single, Stones Throw) 
9:45 Lootpack - Long Awaited - Stones Throw 
11:15 Mos Def 
12:20 A.G. - Take A Ride 
14:00 Jaylib - Strapped (Champion Sound Remixes, Stones Throw) 
15:10 Jay Z - Threat (Mind Fusion Vol. 4) 
16:40 Defari - Say It Twice 
18:10 Doggy Style All Stars - Tell It Like It Is (Snoop's Verse) (Unreleased) 
18:50 Kurupt - Ride Wit Us (Madlib Remixes Vol. 2) 
19:50 Jadakiss - Put Ya Hands Up (Madlib Remixes Vol. 2) 
20:50 Mr. Cheeks - Lights Camera Action 
22:00 J Dilla - Reckless Driving 
23:40 Interlude 
24:00 Madvillain - Rainbows (Stones Throw) 
24:50 Madvillain - One Beer (Stones Throw) 
27:18 Jazzanova - L.O.V.E. and You and I (Jazzanova Remixed CD) 
34:00 Zero 7 - Distractions (Simple Things Remixes CD) 
36:40 Bilal - Soul Sista (Single) 
39:45 Common - 8 Minutes To Sunrise 
41:00 Lootpack - Frenz V Endz 
43:30 Nas - Revolutionary/get Down (Mind Fusion Vol. 4) 
45:40 Interlude 
46:50 Nas - Get Down 
48:20 J Dilla - Let's Take A Ride

'All In The Game' - 52 Characters from The Wire Illustrated

Poster print on 100lb gloss text stock featuring 52 characters from The Wire illustrated by Dennis Culver
Available for pre-order now - ships the week of December 5th.

Click HERE for bigger image

There's more examples of Mr. Culver after the jump, but also worth checking his SITE.

Upcoming show print by Dave Kinsey

 Akhal-Teke (War Horse) by Dave Kinsey, 15 color screen print on paper, 31 x 38 in, edition of 30, $450.

Joshua Liner Gallery is pleased to present 'Everything at Once', an exhibition of over thirty intense, high-energy paintings and works on paper by Los Angeles-based artist Dave Kinsey. December 13, 2012 to January 13, 2013. Find out more about this show HERE.

Yeah Baby I Like It....Cross Stitched? Check out WuStitch36

Who said cross stitchin' ain't cool?! This is the work of Michelle Littell who is killing the sewing game with her Wu Tang inspired pieces. Looks to me like she's a ninja with a needle huh? So go bug Santa for something from WuStitch36 in your stocking this year.

Street Fighter Shotokan Gang Prints by Ibraheem Youssef

Ibraheem Youssef writes: 'I recently was invited to participe in a group show titled "The Gang is all here" at Bottleneck Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC. I thought it would be a really cool oppourtunity to illustrate my favourite characters from Street Fighter.

Printed on Fine Art Giclée canon paper, these series of limited edition prints (100 only) are available for purchase now as a set through my online shop.' $30.

Purchase now from Ibraheem's shop HERE


Sqube's are the ideal plinth for your Squadt's and here's the latest release from Playge...

ICE SQUBE by FERG, Edition of 200, $55 USD Includes worldwide shipping.

The release is set for MONDAY, DEC 3, 12:00 noon central time. Purchase HERE when the time is right!


Whoop whoop! Its Friday again so here we go with week three of our FREE TEE FRIDAY GIVEAWAY competition. Tee's have been flying out the door here at SOB towers so why not get in touch? - this could be your lucky day!

All you have to do to enter is send an email to info [at] streetsofbeige [dot] com with the words, 'FREE TEE FRIDAY' in the title. We will pick new winners every Thursday.This competition is free to enter, open to everyone worldwide and will last until stocks run dry. Goodluck everyone, thank you for your continued support and remember....if you miss out this week, there's always next Friday!Terms: We only have mens tee's in stock. Tee designs will be given out at random. Only one winner per household. One email per person - multiple emails will result in disqualification. The winner will be contacted via email for address and tee size information. All decisions by SOB are final.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Shining carpet pattern limited edition hat


Coming soon from Connoisseur
Limited edition (strictly one per customer)
Made in England

Like this Shining bobble hat......then go check their site, lots of good stuff to explore. 

Wanna live like Bruce Wayne

Check out this ($50.00 for three hours!!!) BATMAN suite at Eden Hotel, Taiwan.

Call Of Duty mural by Dave Crosland

Umm, how inspiring must it be to walk past such an epic mural before arriving at your desk every morning!? This giant painting by illustrator Dave Crosland is now rocking in full effect on the walls where the COD games are developed.

Dave writes: Those coolest of cool kids at iam8bit have done it again! This project was under wraps for the longest time, but the cat is finally out of the bag.

Last winter, they brought me on for a monstrous project - painting a giant mural dedicated to the Call Of Duty video game series, in the offices of the game's developer, Treyarch!

The hallway mural is approximately 70ft long, with each patch of wall depicting scenes from the different installments of the world-renowned first-person shooter -- from the North African desert campaign & Allied invasion of occupied France, to the clandestine operations of The Cold War & the zombie onslaught featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops! 

Being the media-savvy gang that they are, iam8bit put together the awesome video (below), showing off the finished work. 

 See loads more pic's on Dave's blog HERE.

Video blurb: In this SECOND EPISODE, we explore the longggggg "Entrance Hallway" at Treyarch, where artist DAVE CROSLAND hand-painted a massive series of murals, one for each of the developer's Call of Duty games, including "COD2: The Big Red One," "Call of Duty 3," COD: World at War," "COD: Black Ops" and now, "Black Ops 2".

'Virgin Romance' - new print release from Ron English

Wow - how amazing is this new print by Ron English titled, 'Virgin Romance'. Probably my favourite Ron English piece to date! It will be available to purchase later today alongside 'Coulrophobic Clown'. Hit the jump to check that one out.

Both prints will be released at 16:00 GMT today via The Outsiders Gallery. (that's 08:00 on the West Coast of the USA, 11:00 on the East Coast and 17:00 on continental Europe)

Ron English | Virgin Romance
Available Thursday 29th November 2012
Giclée print with silkscreen gloss on Somerset Enhanced Satin 330gsm paper
Edition of 50 signed by the artist
70cm x 50cm

R.A. The Rugged Man & Mac Lethal - Crustified Christmas

Ho ho hoe b*tches. Underground rap legend R.A. The Rugged Man takes it back to his Crustified Dibbs roots and links up with Rhymesayers alum and viral video sensation Mac Lethal for an explicit hip hop Christmas carol, destined to make even Rudolph blush. Santa will never be the same. Look for new music from Mac Lethal as well as R.A.'s long awaited album "Legends Never Die" coming early 2013.

PLUS: Bristol heads take note....

Gary Ham's 'Hermees' toy on Grand Designs

I got all over excited lastnight watching an episode of Grand Designs yesterday. The people who turned this extraordinary building into their home are artists and toy nerds. This big old barn that they lovingly converted has become a museum of oddities and if you look carefully enough, you will spot one very familiar toy indeed! 

LInk to Gary Ham's webstore. Hit the Grand Designs link above to watch this episode on 4oD.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

'Floppy Table' by Berlin-based design duo Neulant van Exel

One of the coolest things ever?... no doubt. 'Floppy Table' is designed and crafted by Berlin-based design duo Neulant van ExelOrder yours HERE.

Thanksgiving Dessert Milton

Thanksgiving Dessert Milton
Cast in brown Vinyl with orange, yellow and red sprays
Available Thursday, November 29th, 12 Noon PST

New colour way of Brian Flynn's Milton figure available from Super7 tomorrow.

DeeTen's custom Bode Broad

LA based artist DeeTen is keeping up to the standard we've come to expect with his new Atlantean Relic custom Bode Broad.

Check the link below for more shots.

Print yourself as a toy!

 Here we see an exciting glimpse into the future - a future full of 3D printing! This is very cool for us toy geeks....imagine a mini version of yourself standing eye to eye alongside your Munny's and Dunny's on your toy shelf! Check out all this info below to get a idea of what's currently achievable, then begin to drool at the thought of whats to come...

The world's first 3-D printer retail store has been open for two months now. MakerBot store operator Jason Schapiro has noticed that about half the people who come in are getting the chance to see a 3-D printer in real life for the first time. 

3-D printers create objects by printing successive thin layers of molten plastic, building objects up layer by layer. Certain industries, such as airplane makers, have used them to print one-of-a-kind parts for years now. Meanwhile, several companies, such as MakerBot Industries, Ultimaker and Cubify, are working to sell 3-D printers to the regular folks at home.

But to get customers to bring 3-D printers home, companies first need to explain how the devices work. With a retail store, that initial lesson is much easier to give.

There's now a photo booth where customers may sit to get four photos snapped of their faces from different angles and have those photos turned into a 3-D model of their head as per the top image.

This image above and video below showcases the worlds first 3D Photo booth. I think this is the most exciting thing of all but poses the question.... what would you dress yourself in for the shoot?

'Beyond The Permafrost' - upcoming print by John Baizley

'Beyond The Permafrost' is an upcoming print by John Baizley. It will be available on Tuesday, December 4th at 2:00pm Central (12pm PST) via BurlesqueIt is a 23.5″ x 31.5″ 13-color Screenprint + gloss varnish on Crane Lettra 110# Fluorescent white paper.

There will be Standard Editions and Deluxe Editions available. Click the link below for full details.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

[READERS CORNER #1] Meet Agent Cortez aka Robin Wessberg

Welcome to Readers Corner, a new section on the Streets of Beige Blog! We are getting to know members of the extended SOB family by asking them a few questions and inviting them to showcase their work. This is the first entry so lets get into it! Allow us to introduce the talented, Agent Cortez aka Robin Wessberg.

SOB: Who and what are you? Where are you from?   

I’m robin, a transplanted, crusty, old skateboarder from Los Angeles who has spent the past 7 years living in Bangkok, Thailand.   These days I’ve traded in the skateboards for paintbrushes and I spend most of my time at my house/studio hanging out with my girlfriend and our short-legged dogs.

SOB: Did you like art back in school? Were you any good at it then? Did you have an inspirational teacher?

My parents always encouraged traveling and doing art.  My dad is a sculptor who does wrought iron welding for a living.  He taught me how to look at things in different ways, to see things from different angles and to be open to various musicians and artists.  And my mother is an art enthusiast who would always drag me through galleries as a child.   At the time I often hated it since I would rather be out skating but it definitely exposed me to a world I’m grateful for knowing.

SOB: Would you encourage young artists to attend University to study their art form or do you think it is best to create your own path after leaving education?  

This is a tough question because it depends on the person.   If you were a disciplined student in high school then going off to University is a good idea because it won’t be much different.  You’ll probably enjoy it because it’s a similar routine with a wider variety of classes.  But if school isn’t your thing then dealing with all the bullshit of required classes and bitter teachers’ critiques might just dissuade you from art. School seems to have a way of pushing artists in the wrong direction since the focus is on making money.  With that said,  I have found that art students seem to have excellent life drawing skills so there is that.

Click the link below to continue reading....

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