Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Usugrow (Artist Video)

USUGROW from Louis Mitchell on Vimeo.

There are many reasons to watch this short video of artist Usugrow doing his thang. His drawings are immaculate and dare I say it, beautiful. Oh and don't get me started on his calligraphy...he also has an unhealthy fetish for skulls! Watch on with envious eyes.

'With mind bending meticulous detail, Usugrow’s work crosses the line between bad ass and refined elegance.

While developing his vision and technique, Usugrow worked designing promotional graphics for Japan's punk and metal scenes, Usugrows unique, stylized combination of traditional Japanese artwork and punk iconography soon made him the visual identity of Tokyo’s underground......
read on HERE.

The work of Ian McQue

I have just come across the exceptional work of concept artist, Ian McQue. His illustration takes you to a gritty world where rusty ships chug through smog filled skies, crewed by bots and grubby sailors turned pilots. Follow the LINK to see more examples of McQue's fine artwork.

Above is a rather special and unique 1/35 scale model kit entitled 'Remora'. It's a 2nd edition limited to just 50 kits. You can pre-order one now for $150 a piece (roughly £95) - go grab yours HERE while stocks last. 
“The Remora was built in ’73 by J.Dowling & Sons, out of Wearland. An Imp-Class light rigger, it served for 19 years at Crabden Port in Thamesmouth as a cargo loader for the East Island Trading Company. After being sold for scrap, it was purchased and refitted by MacNeil Haulage and put to work as an island hopper, under the command of Captain Jerome Bale, making short-haul provision runs for the mining communities of the Jayamena island cluster. It has a net tonnage of 16 and a lift tonnage of 38. It is powered by a single-turbine Hütter-Schneider Mk.V gravity engine and has a top speed, free-floating, of 27 knots.”

Upcoming print by Bask - available 30th March!

Bask has an upcoming show at OhNo! Doom Gallery and to celebrate he is releasing a new print.  'Camping With Mole-Man' measures 22 x 15.5 inches (55cm x 40cm) and is printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper.  A very small run of just 25 will be available come March 30th at 1XRun.

'On March 10th, OHNO!DOOM Gallery will host BASK's debut solo art show in Chicago titled, A SCENIC RIOT. To celebrate, BASK has made 50 original hand painted multiples that will be given away for FREE. That's right, FREE!' Read more HERE 

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Grandmother Tips by Chacho Puebla

For all those wobbly internet users out there (myself included), a new leader has emerged to guide us to web glory. Her name is Grandmother and she is a whole load of sign holding bad-ness! Follow the link HERE to absorb lots more of her priceless pearls of wisdom. Rock on Grandmother!

Chacho Puebla writes:

'For a long time I´ve been wanting to do something with one of my sisters, my great-aunt and typography.

Not all together, but it just turned out that way.

 As my son gets older and I get more grey hair, I wonder what kind of advice will I give to my grandkids.

My three grandmothers where always giving me sermons instead of tips. “Be carfeul with your money”. “Don´get invloved with that girl”, “Save”, “Get a haircut, you look like a hippie”, and all those classic parent, grandparent comments.

When you´re younger you think you´ll never fall into that same kind of discourse, until you find yourself talking about stupid (cliché) stuff with your kid, about how important school is and if you don´t have a degree you´re nobody. I hope I can give better advice some day. In the meantime, here are some tips my grandmother should have given me.

The photo is of my great-aunt. The photographer one of my sisters, Lula.'

Illustration by Frank Stockton

Frank Stockton lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. His illustration is not to be sniffed at! I love the extreme perspectives and use of colour. This is just a small selection of images taken from his website - The image with the binoculars is titled 'Suspicious', it will feature on the front cover of this months Ebony magazine.

'Pandeer' new very limited designer toy by Welkid & My Royal Ego - available to order now!

Today see's the release of 'PANDEER'. This beauty is designed by Welkid and produced by MyRoyalEgo. Limited to only 20 pieces, the 9" tall resin figurine is priced at US$160 per (inclusive shipping "to your place"). Those interested should send an email to for orders.

Iron Jaiden - print sale info (Weds 29th)

Iron Jaiden plans to release his copies of 5 prints on Wednesday, February 29th at 12pm MST (7pm GMT). The sale will include Bullhead, Kill List, Comin' At Ya, Unknown Measures and Charles Bradley. There's only a handful of each available. Click the 'Waste' button on his website when the time is right.

Monday, 27 February 2012

New print by Jo Peel - 'Dallas'

Jo Peel - Dallas
Signed Silk Screen Print
Limited Edition of 50

'We’re dead chuffed to get a new print from Jo Peel, she’s been busy curating and organizing The Community Kite Project this last few months (it launches on Thurs March 1st, follow the link for further info) so we weren’t really expecting anything new on the print front for a while from Jo. However she managed to find time to print another of her wonderful drawing studies of East London, (this time it’s a street in Whitechapel). All these prints are hand finished making each one slightly unique. A must for anyone collecting Jo’s work.'

Gallery 1988 news! - Daniel Danger's new print 'American Horror Story'

First of all, take a peak at Daniel Danger's new print for Gallery 1988. It's subject matter is the T.V show, American Horror Story. This will be on sale at this years PaleyFest, in L.A. For those that don't know, PaleyFest is a nerd event that celebrates popular/cult T.V shows, such as, Lost, Mad Men and The Vampire Diaries. S.O.B have a friend that would literally kill quite a few old people to attend such an event.  

Jensen from Gallery 1988 writes: 

'And just like that it begins! We're so happy to be back at PaleyFest this year, selling brand new screenprints to honor some of your favorite shows.

First up, is the opening night extravaganza for American Horror Story. This poster by Daniel Danger is stunning. We'll get you more details about it as the event on March 2nd creeps up, but here's your first look.

You can still buy tickets for the AHS night by CLICKING HERE. Also, if we have any prints left after the event, we will be putting them online for purchase on the 3rd at our website.

...and to think we have 6 MORE!'

Multiplayer x2 @ Gallery 1988 from Gallery1988 on Vimeo.

ALSO, check out some footage from the recent 'Multiplayer x2' exhibition at Gallery 1988, as previously posted HERE.

'Cause & Effect' installation by artist Do Ho Suh @ Western Washington University

Western Washington University: "'Cause & Effect’ evokes a vicious tornado. This vast ceiling installation is a composition of densely hung strands that anchor thousands of figures clad in colors resembling a Doppler reading stacked atop one another,” said Do Ho Suh, adding that the artwork is a “physical realization of existence, suggesting strength in the presence of numerous individuals. The work is an attempt to decipher the boundaries between a single identity and a larger group, and how the two conditions coexist.”

Cause & Effect is still being installed and will be open to view in June of this year

'Re-Animator' film poster by Fro Design Co - available now

C.H.U.D. Salutes
The Re-Animator ver 1.0
11 by 17
Hand Signed & Numbered
Limited Edition of 50

Great poster for what looks like a great film! Yes, I am ashamed to say Re-Animator has not graced my screen. Have a quick watch of the trailer for great catchlines like: 'Herbert West bought a lot of dead people back to life, and not one of them showed any appreciation.'

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Walking Dead Season 2 - VFX Reel

Walking Dead Season 2 VFX Reel from Stargate Studios on Vimeo.

This is great little short showing us how the Walking Dead crew manage to create their zombie plagued world. No words, just lots of blood, guts and CGI. Enjoy! 

New Weapon of Choice tee designed by U.K graffiti artist Soker

WOC say: 'We recently hooked up with our sponsor Puma to discuss releasing a limited series of t-shirts designed by our favourite local artists.' 

And here's the first brought to you by Bristol based 'Weapon of Choice' (Street art shop and graffiti crew). They have just released this limited edition tee in conjunction with Puma. It comes in both black and white colour ways with the motif design by Soker. Each tee costs £20 ($30) - get one while stocks last. Check out some of Soker's work in the images below...he's gangsta!

These tee's are available now in the Weapon of Choice online shop

'Outside In' - the story of life in the streets documentary

OUTSIDE IN: The Story of Art in the Streets from Patrick Simpson on Vimeo.

'OUTSIDE IN is a celebratory and historical look at street art through the lens of the Museum of Contemporary Art's groundbreaking exhibition Art in the Streets. The film features renowned artists Shepard Fairey, Lee Quiñones, Swoon, Futura, Mister Cartoon, Revok, Martha Cooper, Invader to name a few. Director Alex Stapleton (Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel) documents the artist's creative process, their pitfalls with the law, the poetic impermanence of their craft and the artists' evolution from the back seat of a cop car to the walls of a well-respected institution.

The Museum of Contemporary Art presents Art in the Streets, the first major U.S. museum exhibition of the history of graffiti and street art, April 17 through August 8, 2011, at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. The exhibition traces the development of graffiti and street art from the 1970s to the global movement it has become today, concentrating on key cities where a unique visual language or attitude has evolved. 

Art in the Streets showcases installations by 50 of the most dynamic artists from the graffiti and street art community, including Fab 5 Freddy (New York), Lee Quiñones (New York), Futura (New York), Margaret Kilgallen (San Francisco), Swoon (New York), Shepard Fairey (Los Angeles), Os Gemeos (São Paulo), and JR (Paris). MOCA’s exhibition emphasized Los Angeles’ role in the evolution of graffiti and street art, with special sections dedicated to cholo graffiti and Dogtown skateboard culture. The exhibition featured projects by influential Los Angeles-based artists such as Craig R. Stecyk III, Chaz Bojórquez, Mister Cartoon, RETNA, SABER, REVOK, and RISK.'

Wind up 'The Wire' toys by Mister Frothee

Mister Frothee writes: 'Finally completed! A set of five miniature wind-up characters from yet another cancelled HBO series, "The Wire". They're each about 2.5 inches tall, and have weird proportions due to the small motors they contain. From Left to right: Jimmy McNulty, Bunk Moreland, Bubbles, Omar Little, and Kima Greggs.'

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Mondo's 'Bullhead' movie poster - released tomorrow (Sunday 26th Feb)

Poster by Jay Shaw. 18"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 80. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. $30

The Blurb from Mondo:

'We (Mondo) will be releasing our ACADEMY AWARD posters tomorrow randomly during the award ceremony. We will have posters for HUGO, RANGO, BULLHEAD and one of our favorite comedies of the year, BRIDESMAIDS. For those of you that have been wanting a weekend drop, this one is for you!
Please follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement and to see us live tweeting the event. These posters will be available online at a random time on Sunday, February 26th during the Academy Awards.'

'Bullhead' (by Iron Jaiden) and the others will go on sale Sunday, February 26th during the Academy Awards HERE.

'Ghosts of the Deep' by Mick Minogue - bid for this piece now!


Mick Minogue writes:

'Having a studio clean up this weekend and auctioning off old pieces to the highest bidder online through Facebook, Twitter and here on the ol Blog. The first four pieces have been sold. This Is the 5th piece under the hammer. Ghosts Of the Deep. A tribute to my favourite Scooby Doo ghost. Hand drawn Illustration on card and paper. Watercolours and colouring pencil. 13X11inchs -  Starting Bid €40... Place your bids in the comments below. The bidding ends at 6 this evening and the highest bidder wins.' 

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