Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Custom toy competition - The ToyR2 Bunny Contest

'Click on above image to enter a website providing information on a customizing contest whereby participants work on a 5-inch Bunny (you have to buy it frost tho), and send in images by February 29th, 2012. "The design of the winner will be produced and the winner will get 10% of all Bunny´s which will be produced. (max. 50 copies)"

As well there will be an exhibition whereby international artists have been invited in to customize a 9 inch Bunny, and will be displayed alongside. Pretty cool, this. Rememebr to click the above-left icon to read the website in English, yeh? Check out the link for further info, and good luck! (Cheers for the headsup dust!)'

Words by Toysrevil

Check it out - Weapon of Choice has a new website!

Olly Moss print release today!

'Double Ghost is an 18x24" 5-colour screenprint on Red colorplan 270gsm paper. It is based on an original paper-cut piece from a recent show at Gallery 1988 Venice.
It is hand numbered, signed and embossed.
It is a timed edition print.
This means that it will be available for sale for a limited time (one hour). The number of sales will determine the edition size.
Because the prints haven't been pulled yet, there is almost no chance that this will be shipped in time for Christmas delivery.
It will be available Wednesday 30th November at 5PM London Time (9am PST) for exactly one hour.
(Frame not included!)

Monday, 28 November 2011

Dilla Donuts tee now available from Stones Throw


The return of the Dilla Donuts tee

'The Dilla Donuts image is from a stencil created back in 2005 leading up to the release of J Dilla's album Donuts. We ran low on these shirts long ago and are finally back with two new colors: a discharge print (no ink) on black, and black print on white. Each with a 2-inch Stones Throw logo on back.'

Behold the unpainted Metal Gear Solid 'REX' by 3A Toys - available early next year

Click on the smaller image to view the teaser-image in full. These are shots of the figure before the final paint. Expect the figure to be made available for pre-orders in January 2012.

Found at Toysrevil

Xmas giveaway bundle from Threenine Gallery

'Times are hard at the moment but fear not the Threenine Christmas Give Away is here to ease the stress of your Christmas shopping.

One lucky winner will walk away with a bundle of goodies worth £130! To enter is simple, just go to the Threenine homepage and enter your email address in the top right corner. If you have already signed up with us you are automatically entered.

Included in the bundle is a signed copy of Early New York Subway Graffiti 1973 - 1975 by Keith Baugh - A Signed Copy of See No Evil - by Stephen Morris - X 1 'Super Good' Signed Limited Edition print by SPZero76

X 1 Signed Limited Edition print by Dylan Shipley & X 1 'Metropolitan' Limited Edition Print from Agent X - the newsest recruit to Threenine.

The competition closes on December the 17th.

Good Luck!'

New prints from RYCA and Hutch available now at Scrawl Collective

'First off RYCA has come up with a couple of beauties for us. A new much requested Reservoir Troopers is available now. In a very small edition of just 20 this brown version will not be repeated so if you’ve missed out in the past now’s your chance.' 

'Also new from RYCA this month we have his portrait of Biggie Smalls finally available as a small edition of 25.

Biggie Smalls – RYCA. Edition of 25 printed on 275gsm deckled edged cotton rag stock. Hand pulled screen print, signed and numbered by the artist.'

'Hutch hand stencilled unique edition. Skull Jugglery – Hutch. Edition of 20. Hand stenciled and finished in spray paint on 300gsm assorted stocks. Signed and numbered by the artist.'

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Illustration by Bruce 'Brucey' Parker

 'Brucey is a young Artist and occasional Animator from Newcastle, England.'

'Brucey creates monochrome, light-hearted, surreal artwork. His artwork tends to focus on characters that are trapped in a sea of familiar patterns, icons and objects.'

 'Brucey’s work is heavily influenced by pop culture and many of his recent works have clear references to movies, brands, television and games.' 

'Brucey’s artwork is created using paint markers and he often likes to work on obscure surfaces such as cars, fridges, drawers, windows and other recycled objects.' 

LINK to artists website

Friday, 25 November 2011

Phlash - White Ethletic Hi-Top available from + new print release


New print available now from Hermit EditionsFive Past Midnight (Low End Version), linocut print, Kozuke 44gsm paper, 30 x 20cm, signed and numbered edition of 20 - £50.00

Johnny Cupcakes weekend sale + new releases


'We’ve just released a TON of new t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and pins both here online and in-stores. We’ll are offering a 15% off coupon which will be valid right now throughout this Monday night 11:59pm EST. In addition, we have some newly marked down items. This offer is available at all Johnny Cupcakes locations during business hours, by whispering the word “ELF” to an employee at checkout. And online, you would type in coupon code “ELF”. Stock up on your holiday shopping while supplies last!'

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Artworks by Sculptor Anna Depau


Click HERE to see more work by Anna Depau

Some recent work by illustrator Dan Hipp


Mondo NEWS!

Fortress of Solitude is 12 x 32 in an edition of 390. It’ll cost $50 and go on sale at a random time Black Friday, November 25.

Read more about Mondo's recent partnership with DC Comics to start producing posters for films and comics HERE


Adventure Time!

The word from Justin at Mondo:

'Earlier this year, I was watching a cartoon about a dog and a kid with a sword fighting candy zombies. I had no idea what it was because I came into it after the intro, but quickly found out that it was ADVENTURE TIME. I fell in love. I’ve seen them all countless times and truly think that it is one of the best shows on television. It’s smart, funny and ultra creative. From that point on I tried to get the license and now, I’m proud to say that we’ve teamed with Cartoon Network to produce an ADVENTURE TIME series. Being released on Black Friday, we present to you our first poster by Mike Mitchell!'

Poster by Mike Mitchell. 18″ x 36″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 220. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. $40

(Blue) We also have this variant with an edition of 90 for $65.

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