Thursday, 31 March 2011

Mysterious Al's solo exhibition, 'The Doomsday Papers' has just finished at Stolen Space in London. Here's some of our fav's from the show

Link to Stolen Space

New Faile works released today @ noon (NYC)

'Things have been busy in the studio. We are working on a few new projects, including a book on the Temple project due out this Fall. More information to come on that over the next few months.

In the mean time, we are doing a release on the Faile site tomorrow – 3/31. New works will be up at noon, NYC time.

We have a new interpretation of the Faile Flag. These are 20 unique works – three wooden palettes are conjoined within a steel frame to make up the flag image. All sides (top, bottom, left, right) are printed with classic Faile typography and patterns, and the wood is treated with a weathered patina. The steel frame is welded with "FAILE" and "1986" on respective sides.

We are also releasing the second half of the Bronze Scuba Horse sculpture edition. This is an edition of 10. These are pretty amazing bronzes and we are excited to have the edition complete. These are jewelry cast bronzes from the renowned Raneri Sculpture Cast foundry. If interested, there is a link on the site that will generate an email to us and we will follow up with more details.

Next month we'll be launching something special. It's been in the works for some time and finally coming to fruition.

Also in the next month, we will be bringing a large edition print to Paper Monster that should be pretty special.'

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Typoe's fresh!

Check the link

New Rich-T print out now for the very affordable price of £35

'Classic Richt Russian Doll print.

Back from the dead with a new suit of colours fresher than a water melon in a waterfall. Limited to 35 prints, signed and numbered by the artist.

She’s back but she’s not hanging around long.

Produced for Richt’s upcoming show in Barcelona with Danny Wainwright. June 2011.

Based on the two pieces which graced the doors of Bristol’s workshop gallery on Park row.

Here’s the technical bit

High White Smooth 315gsm 100% Cotton Rag, pH neutral, Acid Free art paper. High quality Giclee print which is colour fast for 100+ years. If you live longer than 100 years I will replace it for no extra charge should it fade.

594 x 420 mm

You can click the photo or the link below to access the shop


Friday, 25 March 2011

Tom Mead solo Exhibition @ Cabot Circus, Bristol

Antlers Gallery say:

'Antlers presents Mr Mead’s ‘Dark Suits’ launching Friday 8th April in Quakers Frairs, Cabot Circus.

Mr Mead has produced a new edition of playing cards, with each card in the pack adorned with one of his ‘Bio-mechanical anthropomorphic’ characters. The characters are grouped by family into the four suits, Birds adopt the Hearts, Horned Beasts the Diamonds, Cats the Spades and Foxes the Clubs.

The cards will be launched amoung a series of Mr Mead’s new limited edition prints as well as original drawings of selected dark suit cards. Also on show will be a selection of limited edition prints by other Antlers artists.

The first 100 packs of cards will be signed and are available to buy at £15.

To pre-order your pack of cards email

launch: Friday 8th April 2011, 6 pm – 9 pm.

9th April - 23rd April. 11 am – 7 pm daily.

4 Quakers Friars, Cabot Circus Bristol, BS1 3BU

'Mr Mead is a Bristol based artist / illustrator who admires the surreal and otherworldly sides of art. Mead hand draws all of his work with fine liner pens and / or dip pen and Indian ink then modifies the work for prints digitally.

Mead’s terror and intrigue for animals dressed as humans stems from his memories of Reginald Mills’ 1976 ballet film, “The Tales of Beatrix Potter”. Deciding to embrace his fear Mead has recently found a passion for more the traditional artistic techniques and has developed his ink based style to create dark inhuman characters blending the animal, human and mechanic, a super species he nicknames ‘British Bio-Mechanical Anthropomorphism’.

As well as his anthropomorphism fear Mead’s work is also inspired by Dr Seuss, Koji Morimoto, Tim Burton, H.R Giger, Francisco Goya, Nate Frizzel, Beth Carter, Tim Lane, Remi Wyart and Shaun Tan to name but a few.

Mr Mead has also recently been interview by international art commentators Coates and Scarry. Click here to read the Interview.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

SOB toy in the making!...more on this soon

Big'up Peter Tosh, this songs amazing....'Downpressor Man'

Read about Peter's life, career, love for unicycles and tragic death here. Respeck Rastamouse!

I'm feeling a little 'Woozy'

The Outsiders Gallery Say:

'The newly-available pieces from Woozy are strongly in keeping with his celebrated outdoor work, such as the mural he painted this week at Wenlock Road in London. Abstract and challenging they might be but they’re playful and endearing too, triumphantly relating everyday themes - friendship, comfort, frustration, falling in and out of love, and hairstyles - alongside a topical dose of insurrectionism from the artist’s native Greece. Woozy's exhibition 'I Don't Care About My Face' is currently showing at The Outsiders London, and selected pieces are now available to buy online exclusively from The Outsiders.'

Chunky samurai dude!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Monday, 21 March 2011

'Video Nasties' showing @ The Cube, Bristol

'20:00 - 01/04/2011

Friday 1st/ 8pm/ £5/£4 Video Nasties For all you sick gore-hounds, a celebration of the 39 shockers which were banned by the UK's Video Recordings Act of 1984. Deemed liable to deprave and corrupt these notorious titles were subsequently hunted down by 80s teenagers who have (nearly) all grown up to be well-rounded members of society. We'll be screening Jake West's brilliant new documentary Video Nasties - A Definitive Guide, loads of original trailers and of course there will be a video nasty screening to end the night. Driller Killer? I Spit On Your Grave? Cannibal Holocaust? Zombie Flesh-Eaters? Come down if you've got the stomach.'

Just watched the trailer for Cannibal Ferox. I was very disturbed and felt slightly sick; recommended!

Ivan Brunetti

Ivan Brunetti's CARTOONING: Philosophy and Practice out now from Yale University Press.

Junior Jacquet is a paper sculptor, these faces are made from toilet rolls

LINK to artist website

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Just seen this poster in Rise, Bristol....looks amazing....the poster ain't bad either

A monthly movie night showing Films of a Retro, Exploitative, Asian & Kung fu Nature or F.R.E.A.Ky Nights.

Each month we plan to show classic films that helped define their genres, whilst enjoying a fine bottle of Sake and our favourite brand of Wasabi Peas. Visit Kin Yip Hon's Supermarket for all your Wasabi Pea needs!

Come and see the films that inspired Quentin Tarantino. And introduced the world to the talents of Sonny Chiba, Gordon Liu, Tomisaburo Wakayama, Lo Lieh, Jackie Chan and untold others!

Some of the thrills n’ spills you can expect to see include:
- Incredible choreographed fight scenes and action sequences – no wires or CGI.
- Costumes, wigs and moustaches straight from the attic. Entire temples, forests and villages recreated in the studio!
- Incomprehensible plots and dialog delivered through equally bizarre choices of subtitles and dubbing!
- Have you ever seen a one-armed-swordsman fighting a blind-swordsman? (how is this even possible in one film?).
-Have you ever seen a drunken monk trying to coax a man-sized, poisonous frog into a cage using only a magic flute?'

He's Back!!! Xenz solo show coming soon @ The Outsiders Gallery, Newcastle

'The Outsiders, Newcastle is delighted to present Pecking Disorder, the first show by major street artist Xenz in his native north of England

This exhibition combines all elements of the artists work by mixing new and exclusive work with personal pieces that have remained just that until now. This is a rare opportunity to see paintings that are usually only glimpsed amid the chaos of the artist's studio in London. The show also functions as a retrospective, creating an insight into the artist's manifold inspirations throughout his prolific street art career dating back to the 80s.'

Dates: Friday 18th of March 2011 to Saturday 16th of April 2011

LINK to Xenz

LINK to The Outsiders
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