Friday, 28 January 2011

Hells Half Acre book available from Lazarides

'Back in October of last year, Lazarides collaborated with The Old Vic Tunnels to present 'Hell's Half Acre', a truly unique exhibition staged in the labyrinth of tunnels beneath London's Waterloo Station. Over 10,000 people attending the event during the course of a week witnessed contributions from amongst others, Conor Harrington, Polly Morgan, Vhils, Antony Micallef, Ian Francis, Doug Foster, Paul Insect, Jonathan Yeo, and David Choe, and now you too can share the spectacle with the release of our brand new book documenting the show. 'Hell's Half Acre' is exclusively available to purchase from The Outsiders website, priced at only £10.'

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Mr Bingo

Mr Bingo's Super Fresh, Check him out!

New Print Release from POW

"You Are Here"
Roll and Tumble Press

This is a hand turned combo of set metal type and lino cut produced in an exclusive colourway for POW by Roll and Tumble Press. It's also the kind of nifty valentines gift that will virtually guarantee you intercourse with the person who receives it.

Roll and Tumble Press are based in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. They are a charming painter turned letterpress printer and an Art school dropout turned tattoo artist who bonded over a love of music, quirky collections and dusty junk shops. They live in a big drafty house with three rescue dogs.

5 colour letterpress with lino cut and set metal type.
Hand-printed on true white French Paper.
30 x 45cm Edition: 175 £45.00

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

War of the world front covers and random dead Mexicans


Misc Mexican Skulls

Wanna get busy with a Gorilla?

Artists, individuals and groups from across the South West are invited to put forward designs for Bristol’s very own mass participation public art programme.

Wow! Gorillas is a celebration of arts, culture and the environment brought to you by Bristol Zoo Gardens who have collaborated with Wild in Art - the team who brought Go Superlambanana and Go Penguins to Liverpool.

From early July – for ten weeks – a group of gorillas, evocative of fun, creativity and self expression – will form a trail around the cultural and retail quarters, creating a ‘stampede’ to act as the visual centerpiece to highlight Bristol’s extraordinary cultural offer.

Gorilla Design and Artwork

Design proposals can be in any art form - from traditional to new media, from sound and video installations to poetry and photography. Designs should be appropriate for public display and family audiences. Designs that are overtly religious, political or sexual in nature will not be accepted.

Deadline for design submissions: Friday 28th January 2011


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Metal..... Case?


Doom's own label Metalface Records is releasing a long-over due complete reissue of his debut album OPERATION DOOMSDAY, with album, alt. versions, b-sides and instrumentals. Take a look:

Monday, 17 January 2011

Pyramid Head from Silent Hill

Cheo show at Weapon of Choice, Bristol

Cheo solo show, 'Employee of the Month'

Opening preview 21st January 2011, 6-10pm.

Sale sale sale
No special offers!
Buy one, Get one!
Buy now, Pay now!
T-shirts from a tenner, 2 for Twenty!
Spend over £200, get a free sticker!* subject to availability

Show runs until the 20th of Feb 2011

Weapon of Choice Gallery
14 St Michael's Hill
Bristol BS2 8DT

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

China Mike solo show at King of Paint, Bristol

Taken from the KOP website

Ben Hibon - Amazing animator

Ben Hibon

Ben graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design with a Masters Degree. After working for 4 years as a Creative Director he moved into directing. Working for MTV Europe and Asia he designed and animated an in-game sequences for “Killer 7”, Capcom’s acclaimed video game, and elements of “Tokyo Zombie” a Japanese horror film by director Sakichi Sato.

In 2007 Ben was commissioned by Sony Playstation to create and direct an animated mini-series based on their PS3 game “Heavenly Sword.” Ben’s short film “Codehunters” has been shown at more than 50 festivals around the world, scooping various awards and nominations. After working with Haylar Garcia, Ben and his team unleash a teaser for "A.D.", the first animated zombie−movie viewed by more than a million users online. Most recently Ben has completed a 3-minute animation sequence for the latest Harry Potter film ‘Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows’.


Sweet Toof and Shan Hur show, London

Sweet Toof - Show Set up 2011 from Butterfly on Vimeo.

The exhibition is at Arch 402 Gallery, Cremer Street, London E2 and runs from 12th January to 3rd February

Monday, 10 January 2011

MJ on tape

Saw this fresh piece on a recent trip to Paris. Done using various rolls of tape. Super clever!

Rapping Paper.....Literally

Rapping Paper

Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight

Run DMC - Its Like That
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