Thursday, 15 December 2011

A selection of photographs from the, 'Heterotopia - The Tragic Fall'' exhibition by Vincent J. Stoker

'Heterotopia is a phenomenological investigation of the ‘other places’. It uses photography to dissect architectural bodies into their fundamental elements and to reach a better understanding of the world we live in. The objective and austere approach has in common with the one of scientists who collect the data of their experiments. It must exhume the problematic characteristics of places and photography.
Hetero : the other, otherness. Topos : the place.

Heterotopias can be defined negatively, by what they are not. Here and nowhere, they are neither real, nor utopian but both at the same time. Places out of all places but still recorded on maps, they are the physical locations of utopias, utopias that have become matter. Their first principle of otherness is that they have an ambiguous relation to reality.'

Photography and writings by Vincent J. Stoker

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