Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Check My Yard To Improve Your Cotton Game

Yo - Make sure everyone mic checkz My Yard. Its an indie clothes shop in Bristol. They sell excellent clothes by street artists from the local area. one word......fresh

My Yard

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

RIP Uncle Howie

Although this is not current news to most, it is to this blog. SOB are extremely sorry to hear about the death of an icon in hip Hop. Uncle Howie. May you rest in peace.

Upcoming Show: Will Barras 'Bad Reception'

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Quasimoto Vinyl Toy From Kidrobot 2009

Found this the other day..... I want one.

Heres the (old) blurb from Stones Throw:

'Kid Robot and Stones Throw have teamed up for the Quasimoto figure, which will be released February 19, 2009. The Quasimoto figure is 8-inches tall, available in equal quantities of yellow and blue, each with a brick and spliff “cigarette.”

The hip-hop artist Quasimoto (aka Lord Quas) was created by Madlib. He has released two albums, The Unseen and The Further Adventures of Lord Quas, a collection of singles, and guest appearances on albums by Madvillain and Jaylib. The Quasimoto figure is based on the character drawn by Jeff Jank'.

Friday, 24 September 2010

'Distance Travelled' - New Group Show Featuring Dicy, Acer & Ziml

A new exhibition - 1st October - 5th October 2010 Centrespace Gallery, Bristol

"What effects do the environments we live in and travel through have on our past, present and future?

Following the impact of their Triple Drop show, Dicy, Acer and Ziml return to take over the Bristol Centrespace Gallery in the first week of October 2010.

'Expect to see a hybrid of graphic styles moving through abstract painting, photographic techniques and wildstyle letterforms, with underlying themes inspired by the artist’s life experiences and the effects that they have had upon them. All three artists will explore the conscious and unconscious relationships between their past, present and future lives through the use of contemporary and sometimes unorthodox imagery, whilst maintaining an ever-present aesthetic connection to their roots in the world of graffiti.

'Whether working on the streets, in derelict warehouses or in conventional art galleries, Dicy, Acer and Ziml’s work continues to illuminate and re-define the boundaries of what can be considered graffiti or street art, and their latest works challenge these perceptions even further. Distance Travelled is a powerful body of work that depicts strong elements of each artist’s individual style and creativity, whilst connecting the traditional with the unfamiliar in an unconventional way'.

LINK: Some of Ziml's wizzurk

LINK: Acerone

LINK: Dicy's Let Them Hang

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Upfest - Gallery Opening 01/10/10

'Upfest are extreamly excited to announce the opening of the Upfest Gallery, 198 North Street, Bristol on Friday the 1st of October!

Opening Night Sponsored by Brothers Cider & 247 Magazine
Opens 01/10/10 - Friday 1st of October, 6pm till Late

Following the massively successful growth of the Urban Paint Festival - Upfest which this June played host to over 200 Urban and Contemporary Street artists from across the globe, The Upfest Gallery will open it's doors from 6pm on Friday the 1st of October.

Showcasing some of the freshest local and international talent the Upfest Gallery will open with an eclectic mix of artwork from artist who've painted at our previous festivals. New website launch due 01/11/2010.

The Upfest Gallery is also very pleased to announce the launch of
monthly, ten day solo, joint and small group shows with some amazing
talent lined up to showcase their work. Our first solo show will
feature the extremely talented local artist Mr Ian Phenna who's making
waves and growing in popularity due to his unique portrait style of
work. Ian brings, years of experience of street painting to canvas and
paper reflecting on society's obsession with labels. 'Branded' will
open on Friday the 17th of November, a show not to be missed.

To get involved with Upfest, please visit the website after the 1st
of November for details on registration, alternatively find us on
Facebook to be kept abreast of another exciting 12 months ahead.

To keep up to date with Upfest events, become a fan of Upfest on Facebook'

NEW Sickboy Book Coming Out 1st OCT 2010

'Busted Parachute Box Set: Special Edition

Edition: 10

1 x Limited edition hardback book in black with gold-embossed text. The book is hand-finished inside with sketches (click here to view) and is signed and numbered by Sickboy
Book size 216mm x 151mm
Paper selected: 170gsm Matt Coated, Colour throughout
Pagination: 84pp with over 120 images

‘Heart’s Desire’, ‘Still Alive’ and ‘Seven Days’ – all three prints are hand-finished on a variety of special papers using spray & ink
Size: 216mm x 151mm
Signed, numbered and embossed by the artist

*All prints are separated by Sickboy screen-printed glassine protection papers in gold, printed by POW

+ Box & Authentication
1 x Bespoke box, 2-colour screen-printed wooden box with white graphics and red title plus hand-finished gold foil. The box has an authentication stamp with the artist signature and the numbered product edition, printed by POW

Price: £250.00 + P&P'

Busted Parachute Box Set / Edition: 60

1 x Limited edition hardcover book in red with gold embossed text. The book is hand-finished inside with sketches (
click here to view), and is signed and numbered by Sickboy
Size: 216mm x 151mm
Paper selected: 170gsm Matt Coated, Colour throughout
Pagination: 84pp with over 120 images

‘Heart’s Desire’: 1 x 3-colour screen-print on 280g antique China WhiteKeaykolour paper printed by POW
‘Still Alive’: 1 x 2 colour screen-print on 280g antique white
Keaykolourpaper printed by POW
Size: 216mm x 151mm
Signed, numbered and embossed by the artist

*All prints are separated by Sickboy screen-printed glassine protection papers in gold, printed by POW

+ Box & Authentication
1 x Bespoke box, 2-colour screen-printed wooden box with white graphics and red title plus hand-finished gold foil. The box has an authentication stamp with the artist signature and the numbered product edition, printed by POW

Price: £125.00 + P&P
Available October 1, 2010'

'Busted Parachute Box Set is available from October 1, 2010 at, details on the left-hand side. For further information email sales[at]'

LINK: sickboy

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

BIG TUNE from Roots Manuva meets Wrongtom 'Proper Tings Juggled'

SOB sound for sure. Roots + DUB = severe whip lash

New Show @ Red Propeller Gallery and Guy Denning Sketches for Sale

Opening at Red Propeller HQ on 20th November at 7pm with a champagne & sushi reception it's not to be missed

'If you are intrigued and fancy a trip to this rural wonderland of fabulous art then be quick, get in touch and get on the guest list - you heard it hear first!


Two large ORIGINAL preparatory drawings by Guy Denning from the 'Behemoth' show on site now.
They are:
charcoal & conte on paper
65cm x 50cm
£550.00 (+vat)

Link: Red Propeller

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

New Faile.... 'Deep Cherry Bunny Bronze Boy' and 'Brave And The Strong: The Way It Ends'

This is the third in the series of Bronze Bunny Boys, this one in a deep cherry patina. An edition of 10 – number 3 in the 5 editions of 10 each with it's own patina.Edition of 10 $4000.00Bronze - Deep CherryDimensions: 4.5 x 3.5 x 3 in. By Faile - 2010

BRAVE AND THE STRONG: THE WAY IT ENDSA new original on paper.Acrylic and Silkscreen Ink
25 x 38 Inches
Lenox 100 Paper
Signed, Stamped - Faile 2010
$7,500 (sold out)

Faile Website

The Best Game of All Time........ Shadow of the Colossus

I've put this up here to show Big BOS (Brother of BOS ONE) exactly what I keep banging onto him about. I want him to give some considerable thought into firstly buying a TV, then dusting off his old PS2 and rocking SOTC to the fullest. Someone actually commented on Youtube that this game is better than sex. Not sure he's completely accurate but he ain't far wrong!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Everyone Read 'Vlad The Impaler' by Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon

Just finished reading this rather gripping fact based tale of Vlad the Impaler. (Wiki that shizz)

Expect plenty of blood, gore, violence, sex and sword play. I can fully recommend this read for all you S.O.B's out there who enjoy the darker side of history.

Jake and Dinos Chapman Piece @ SHOWstudio (LDN)

My grandpa went to see hell and all I got was this lousy souvenir
Polyester resin | enamel paint | plinth
4.7 x 8.2 x 4.1 inches | 12 x 21 x 10.5 cm

£ 20,000
This beautifully crafted sculpture depicts a spear being thrust into the thigh of a Nazi soldier as another lies in pieces at his feet. Its strange to see such a toy like object portraying such a graphic scene of violence.

If you are in London, go and check out SHOWstudio for a closer look. (Part of the ICON Design Trail 2010)


SHOWstudio link:

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Friday, 10 September 2010

Top opportunity for all you crayon munchers

'Art Below is an international public art enterprise based in London.

Founded in 2006, Art Below continues to develop a public gallery in London's most iconic underground stations, using billboard space to display the work of emerging creatives - 'Turning Ad space into Art Space'


Our mission: To enrich the everyday life of the traveling public by giving fresh insight into the very latest in art, illustration, photography, fashion, whilst at the same time providing a platform for emerging talent'.

Graf Artist Petro With a New Print Release via POW


World-renowned and prolific, Petro has a cult following, despite keeping a low profile and generally avoiding the limelight. His lifetime mission has been to put the fun back into graffiti, by injecting personality into his animated style of painting.

These were made by painting onto acetate and processing the screen directly from that, in the hope of really capturing his hand style. And like Petro’s street work, these come in a bewildering array of colours...

25 of each colour way, ninety pound each.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Artists Painting On Prosthetics....Yes Please!



TUE 9 NOV - SUN 5 DEC 2010

Spare Parts is an exhibition that will bring together a diverse range of artists all using pre-loved prosthetic limbs as their canvas.

As an exhibition Spare Parts will create and promote about 40 individual pieces of art and parallel to this, a positive and open conversation about prosthetics.

All too often prosthetics are considered a taboo subject, and Spare Parts aims to celebrate both their beauty and purpose.

The diversity of artists is a very important component of the exhibition as is their interpretation of each limb. Those involved range from a world class graffiti artist, tattooists, a poet, painters, comic artists, to one of Australia’s most popular up and coming sculptors. Beyond the traditional scope of “what is art” Spare Partswill also include a fashion designer, a milliner, a jeweller and a cobbler.

Spare Parts is funded by Queensland Government Department of Communities, Disability Services.


Andrea Smith / Anthony Lister / Aureole / Jeweller to the Lost (Barbara Heath, Malcolm Enright, Juan-Luis Gonzalez) / Beastman / Ben Sea / Breanna Stewart / Briellen Baker / Bunya Curan / Carmella Ruffino / Clint Steele / Erica Gray / Fleur Beserk / Giles Kilham / Glenn Brady / Jase Harper / John Semmens / J-Stew / Karl Huttenmeister / Kasino / Kitty Horton / Ky Curran / Lincoln Austin / McKelly / Mandy Beaumont / Marcel Lip – Awake in Dreams / Matt Palmer / Mel Stringer / nico / Pendragon Shoes / Priscilla Sutton / Rachi Brains / Sally McRae / Sandra Rose / Satta Van Daal / Stephen Mok / Stuart Crampton / The Grates / Tim Rix / Terry Kerns / 2ha + Sarabelle/ Village Atheist/ Will Kelly

Opening Night November 12

Thursday, 2 September 2010


S.O.B love chunky's....there, we said it.

Xenz, putting it out there in New Deli

Xenz dun half get about! For all you avid blog followers in New Deli, look out for Xenz in your area. He'll be causing mass hysteria with his consistently popular birds, bees, trees and z's. SOB wants to take this opportunity to boast about being the proud owners of an earlier piece by Xenz, 'Just Wait Until You Get Into The Real World Mate'. Stunning.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Interesting Artist Alert! Vidya Gastaldon

Vidya Gastaldon, When fears become forms, 2008. Aquarelle, gouache, acrylique, crayon de couleur et mine de plomb, 55,5 x 78,5 cm

Found this while flicking through an old Dazed and Confused mag. Thought it was definitely worth a blog.

Here's the link:

One of Bob Marley's greatest tunes - 'Mellow Mood'

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