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A conversation with Sebastian Bentler - plus PRINT GIVEAWAY!!!

Sebastian Bentler is a German artist who's layered print work has been featured many times here on SOB. We've teamed up with Seb (who also goes by the name of Thirty Thr33), to ask him some questions and bring you guys an awesome print giveaway. So lets find out about this talented individual and head on over to our Facebook page now to enter and win the above print!

SOB: What or who inspired you to start making art in the first place?

Sebastian: "Hard to say, as a child I produced about 1m high piles of drawn and painted paper every year till I went into puberty. Then a song of rebellion rang through my ears tricking me into thinking visual art would be the easy way out for me and I tried making music for a challenge. However when I realized the whole music industry was already invaded to the very core by the big fuck up I turned back to art. But that phase was also very inspiring, as music literally rewired my brain forcing me to think in new ways. Also I did all the artwork for the 'band' myself, which elevated my sense for visual art simultaneously. 
I think comics and cartoons have always been a great inspiration since my youth. In my childhood I was especially fascinated by Disney animation work. Actually even my previous job which enabled me to get insight into the luxury fashion industry and the whole big business world drew a special and maybe even critical part of inspiration to me as well."

SOB: We particularly enjoy your graphic collages. Tell us about the process that goes into making them. Where do you start?

Sebastian: "Usually I enjoy browsing through old comic-covers with certain ideas in my mind. Most of the covers are so cheesy you die laughing while drowning in ideas because the covers are already imbued with so much horrifing absurdity it's horrifyingly absurd itself. 
Sometimes a cover is already a perfect vessel for the ideas I had in mind and I take several elements of the cover and rework them into something new. Usually I utilize many elements of several covers and also take the whole atmosphere of the browsing session into something new which eventually transfers the ideas I had in mind when I started. With elements I mean the visual language of comics itself. It might be a special type of box with text in it, the typographic style of the title or the inking style of the characters...
While I am reworking those elements and composing them into a new work more ideas pop up all the time and contribute to it."

SOB: We understand that you have recently decided to make art on a full time basis. How difficult was this decision and how smooth has the transition been? 

Sebastian: "It was certainly one of the most difficult decisions in my life so far. I had the seemingly 'perfect' job when it comes to business-thinking: right on the frontier of luxury fashion, high salary, challenging tasks, great associates - all that would have enabled me to live a comfortable and luxurious life throughout. However at one point I could not cope at the least with the ideology behind everything involving big business like that.  Especially luxury fashion is a business with a cut-throat mentality enforcing the splitting of humanity - into rich and poor in this case. Some people in that business don't even notice how much they eat up other people to feed their ego-needs and to get short-time relieve of these urges. Of course such behaviour is miserable in itself, but if that behaviour is chosen consciously it's far below miserable and it was hardly bearable to even see such people for me. Actually I see them eating up their own happiness in the long run, destroying everything they really love in the process of trying to be bigger than the next. It's sad that the paradigm of humanity has been manipulated to look like that was the normal way of living. I think that's where Streetart and Urbanart comes into the game. In my eyes it's a kind of movement, even slightly political, which has the potential to help humanity out of that deception. That's what helped with the decision.

My transition to making art full time is not fully smooth yet - and it would be strange if it was after two months already. It was introduced through multiple shifts in consciousness which were already partly triggered during the previous job. Now I can certainly understand why Van Gogh cut his own ear off - haha. After all the artist's perception of the world needs to be quite a lot different by definition. So I guess sometimes it's hard for an artist to cope with his worldview being radically different to the accepted paradigm as described above. That's why the transition is hard for me as well I guess. 
However once you perceive the world like that, you cannot continue working in that kind of monkey-business and eventually doing 'art' becomes inevitable - whatever art means for that person."
SOB: Have you got any advice for people who are also thinking about making this jump

Sebastian: "If you can break out of a system like that described before I would always say 'do it immediately'. However I think of it as a process, so it always depends on the person individually. I don't think there is a one-fits-all solution for questions like that. As said before, if you see the world in the right way, jumping off to do art is the only thing you could ever do that makes any sense at all. And you will certainly know when you've come to that point."

SOB: Which artists (past or present) really inspire you?

Sebastian: "Streetart overall is very inspiring - especially the diversity. I cannot deny that I like Faile and some of my collage work is clearly inspired by them - although it's also the work-process itself and working with comic-language which creates that proximity. 
I like Banksy for making clever art, although I don't like most of his work conveying ideas in a negative way. Meaning that he hits the current paradigm in the nerve in the best way possible but does not go further - all his ideas are kind of 'down to earth' and heavily bound by politics and crises. I think after all that is what creates the popularity and also my sympathy although through negativity. From the past I really like surrealists at the moment. For example I love Magritte - and I see a lot creative parallels to ideas brought forth by Streetart conceptually."

SOB: Do you collect other artists work?

Sebastian: "Yes, I have some screenprints and even giclee prints of other street artists. I think nothing can create atmosphere like a certain artwork in a room. It's like there is something emanating from it which human senses cannot detect. Some kind of 'magic' occuring which directly affects people in the room and dives deep into their subconsciousness without needing a conscious awareness of this process. That's also why art has the power to change the world in my opinion. It conveys new ideas, maybe even inspiration (which is divine by definition) if it  is true art. Many times it acted as a catalysator for change in human history, enabling the wide mass to see what the artist sees."

'A Romance With...'

SOB: What impact does social media have on your work? Any comments on social media within the arts in general? 

Sebastian: "Right now I think social media has gained some impact in every part of human life. I think it's dangerous to develop a kind of belief in machines. Programmed parts of the world should not influence the life of people as much as they do now. Think of the 'study' done on Facebook showing some people only positive and others more negative posts. Everyone reading about that study can easily see that belief in that kind of virtuality is dangerous. Regarding the effect of social media I think not much happens through using social media alone. For my own experience in and out of the art-context I found it highly unreliable to reach people with social media. Additionally I prefer meeting people face to face by far. In resume social media can help to spread parts of big themes like i.e. Streetart faster but it can be manipulated too easily to be trusted too much.

SOB: What have you got coming up in 2015? Any new year resolutions?

Sebastian: "Of course I look forward to work on realizing the ideas ever piling up - so I still need more time for making art and I will certainly make more room for it in 2015. I will definately enjoy experimenting with new techniques - for example I already picked up painting oil again, which will mostlikely flow into parts of my future work. I will also move to a bigger city within Germany so there will be much better potential to do more streetart out there, to spread ideas faster and more effectively. I especially enjoy the idea to be much closer to the art-related parts of society - to be more present in galleries, exhibitions and to meet people involved in the scene. Personally I don't make any new year resolutions since I finally quit smoking one year. Since then new years resolutions are no challenge anymore, I've seen everything in that game in experiments on oneself - so I quit making them leaving the game with a big personal success which can never be reached again, haha - no, actually I don't like them: If I want to change something, I believe you should go and change it. If you just say to change something in for example a NYR you construct internal pressure which might make you feel slightly bad before you did it. And it will make you feel even worse if you didn't accomplish it because of the build up. And even the feeling on accomplishment is the same if you said or didn't say it before - at least if you don't want to impress other people your sheer and immeasurable willpower. So why should you do this at all, except for it being a nice tradition perhaps?

Go over to our Facebook page right now to enter!

We'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Seb for taking his time to answer our questions and for donating one of his glorious prints for this giveaway! Most of the above works are available to purchase HERE and if you like what you see then be sure to follow Seb's work via his various sites...

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

LOLGOLTH GNAZGOROTH limited run pre-order from Unbox Ind.

Unbox Industries have been releasing some pretty sweeeeet stuff recently and by the look of these bad boys it appears they aren't stopping any time soon! Lolgolth Gnazgoroth (Red and Black) are made in association with the almightily Skinner and measure up at a big ass 30cm tall. They are currently up for pre-order until 29th December (or until the allocated run is fulfilled) and are priced at  $125 each. Orders begin shipping early January.

'StarScan: Dark Judges, Fire and Mortis' by GODMACHINE

GODMACHINE writes:  "what a massive honour. I originally did this almost a year ago but nothing came of it- so I decided to take my chances and offer it to Tharg. He took it and now my lifes ambition has been achieved: I am an art droid!!!!"

No word on a print drop tho... 
Buy other GODMACHINE merch HERE.

Monday, 15 December 2014

FUCK YOU I'M BATMAN - new tee print combo from Dima Drjuchin

If you're person-enough to rock this phrase upon your wall and/or chest then we salute you. Grab Dima Drjuchin's 'FUCK YOU I'M BATMAN' merch from his online store now. We're talking $40 for the print and $30 for the tee - both of which are certified instant classics!

Goodleg Toys presents 'Harr Hanchor, the Nuclear Anchor' figure

Damn... the quality of Goodleg's work is getting straight-up ridiculous! Just look at how clean and zippy this anchor swinging bastard is!!! Drag him from the bottom of the ocean now for $75 - HERE.

'I hate Mondays' resin piece from Motorbot available today only

'I hate Mondays' - 4" solid cast resin piece comes bagged with header card.
Only available today (Monday 15th December) at $20 a piece.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug by Nicolas Delort x Mondo

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug by Nicolas Delort. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 300. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. $45

Nicolas Delort is one of our favourite artists possibly ever!?! Yeah why not! The atmosphere he manages to capture in all his pieces is ridiculous and this latest offering is no let down.
You can try picking up this one, the variant and others from Aaron Horkey and Ken Taylor tomorrow from Mondo, best follow them on Twitter for release times etc.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

'"JELLYBEAN" DRIPVADER!' from Honkeylips

Kevin Herdeman aka Honkeylips has some pretty rad stuff in his shop including these 5 'Jellybean DripVaders'. Standing approx 8" tall, these are super bright and will run you $55 each. If they are a little too rich in colour for you darker heads out there, how about this 'Chernobylrat' instead; at $15 it would be rude not too right!?!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

New THRASHED hoodie - available now from 8-Bit Zombie

8BZ writes, 'Perfect attire for thrashin' the streets or battling the minions of Snake Mountain'. Pick it up HERE for $35. (and why not grab yourself a THRASHOR toy while you're at it!)

Samurai Skull's by Chris Grondin aka Cryptodude [available now]

Take a butchers at these amazing new 5" resin skulls by special effects sculptor Chris Grondin. He's selling them for $70 each via his Instagram feed.

New 'Tough Love' print set by Mick Minogue - available now

'Tough Love' print set by Mick Minogue. They are 8"x8" signed Giclee prints in an edition of 10 for €80 (or for €25 each). Available now from Tough Love Gallery.

'WURST' - a shortfilm by Carlo Vogele

Veggies beware, this is one meaty beach scene! Sickening stuff but love the style.

Various zines available now from Wizard Skull [this weekend only]

Wizard Skull is selling a selection of zines this weekend only. Pick them up in $20 bundles HERE.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

'The White Whale Skatedeck' - painted deck by Jon-Paul Kaiser

 Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest hand-painted skate deck is available HERE for £300 (comes signed).

'Home Alone' by DKNG -upcoming print release from Mondo

'Home Alone' by DKNG. Its a 18"x24" hand-numbered screen print in an edition of 275 for $40. Available at a random time today (Thursday, December 11th). Follow Mondo on Twitter for the on sale announcement.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Work from Agostino Arrivabene

Once again an artist's sketchbook has blown my mind and this time its Italian Agostino ArrivabeneCheck out this work, its immense!

'Live Fast Draw Yung' - Yung Lenox Documentary on Kickstarter

This little guy fascinates me because he's entered the art world at such an early stage in his life. Am interested to learn how he came to be drawing rap album covers at 7 years old... music he arguably shouldn't have been listening to at that age. Also keen to learn about his parents who would have certainly influenced his career thus far. And what about when he grows up and the whole 'super young illustrator' novelty wears off?... So yeah, definitely looking forward to watching this Yung Lenox documentary which is currently seeking backing on Kickstarter.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

'THE TERMINATOR' - upcoming print by GABZ for Grey Matter Art

'THE TERMINATOR' by GABZ. It's a 24x36" screen print in an edition of 325 for $50. Available from Grey Matter Art on Tuesday 16th December at between 1-2pm EST.

'THRILLZ' - upcoming 5-inch resin MJ figures from Plastic Cell

Sculpted by Phuong Tran and hand-painted by Danny P. Tran 'THRILLZ' will be available on December 14th at 12pm PT from Plastic Cell for $175 each.

'Clarence' my new favourite show

Having caught an episode on a random flick over to Cartoon Network, I've now been addicted to watching all episodes of Clarence and urge you all to do the same.

'MAXWELL MURDER' by Tim Armstrong - available now from PCP

It's time for another gun print folks! 'MAXWELL MURDER' by Tim Armstrong. It's a 15x24", 2-colour silkscreen print (signed) in an edition of 175. Available now from Poster Child Prints for $80.

'In The Shade' - upcoming Batman x Superman inspired print by Benedict Woodhead for Cult Collective [available tomorrow]

'In The Shade' by Benedict Woodhead. It's a 9.5"x9.5" numbered letterpress print in an edition of 100. Available from Cult Collective tomorrow (Wednesday 10th December) at 6pm GMT for £15 ($25).

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