Saturday, 19 April 2014

'Mizu-Yokai - SF version' by Handsome Taro, buy now from Lulubell

This guy want's a hug. Purchase HERE for $80 and show him how much you love all 9.5 inches of his sexy bod.

'The Flowers Are Still Standing' by Mark Englert - available now!

'The Flowers Are Still Standing' by Mark Englert. It's a 20″ x 30″, 6-colour limited edition GID screenprint. Purchase HERE for $40.

'WINTER IS COMING' - new illustration by Dan Hipp

Dan Hipp writes: 'If you can track me down today at WonderCon and say that, I’ll give you this original- first come, first served, and it must be said dramatically. Good luck!'

'Each other' - animated short written and directed by Lee kyu-tae

Beautifully bleak with some stunning scenery and a dark narrative. There's even what looks like a KAWS companion in there too!

'Each other' - animated short written and directed by Lee kyu-tae.

A selection of work by illustrator Jules Le Barazer

A selection of work by French illustrator and art director at Talkie Walkie, Jules Le Barazer.

'The Essence of Vectar' - new toy from Healeymade X SUCKLORD

Look out for this radical creature dropping today [April 19th] in Healeymade's online store [3pm EST]. It's a collabo with the super SUCKLORD which is clearly visible because of the face gear which he's proudly sporting. He comes in an edition of 25 and will run you $50.

Friday, 18 April 2014

'Strong Bot' - available to pre-order now from Just Robots

'Strong Bot' designed by Onorio D'Epiro. He stands 10cm tall and is available to pre-order now from Just Robots for £60.

'Big Strong bot will defend you to the last. Any desk-based invaders will be utterly smashed by his hulking fists. He may not be very bright and he may just gaze at you all day long, but he’s more loyal than any dog.'

'Our Father' - limited edition print by Sket One available from 1XRUN

'Our Father' by Sket One. It's a 16" x 20",  archival pigment print on 310gsm fine art paper in an edition of 100 for $50. Purchase now from 1XRUN.

Sket One writes: "I was 7 years old when Star Wars was released and I think within my age group Star Wars is a way of life, ingrained to say the least. I started the concept of the piece over 3 years ago, but needed the means and time to execute it. It is the start of a bigger series that I will be doing, straying away from my normal custom toy venue to focus on more of a higher artistic road. The commandment “Thou shall not worship false idols” was going to be a show title for me and still might be, but I will have a whole gallery show dedicated to Star Wars and this piece is one of that show." 

Matt Hitchcock unleashes paper toy hell for 16Bit BRAWL art show!

When we asked Matthew 'Squatties' Hitchcock to take part in our 16Bit BRAWL art show we had no idea just how dedicated to the project he was going to be. He got stuck in and wound up making all 12 Street Fighter II characters including all 4 bosses!!! These characters are all available now for your printing pleasure, HERE. A few slashes, folds and splodges of glue later and you'll be ready to stage the ultimate paper punch-up and all for free!

'King of Monsters' by Godmachine, available to pre-order now!

'King of Monsters' by Godmachine. It's a 24″ x 36″, 5-colour, hand numbered screen print. Available to pre-order now for $40, HERE.

Upcoming Ghostbusters print by Dan Mumford for Gallery 1988

Sticking with the toxic green theme, how about this new piece by Dan Mumford for Gallery 1988's upcoming Ghostbusters show!

SOB presents. 'NOBODY LIKES LEONARDO' - 100% unofficial TMNT bootleg toy from RICHT X GOODLEG TOYS, coming soon!!!

We're super excited to show you this!!! Okay so, a few months back we were flicking through one of Richt's 'Nobody Likes Leonardo' zines and began discussing how sweet it would be if there was a toy based on this idea. We met up with Richt, drank copious amounts of beer and proceeded to contact the best boot-leggers in the business, Goodleg Toys. A few weeks later and look at what's been spawned!

Goodleg Toys write: 'Straight from the underground's gnarliest sewer, babtized in Ooze! Streets of Beige present a RICHT X GOODLEG TOYS resin toy release. "NOBODY LIKES LEONARDO", the most toxic TURTLES bootleg the world has ever seen! COMING SOON!!!'

This figure will be dropping in a month or two but be warned... he'll be extremely limited, disgustingly green and more than a little eager to choke out your children with his small parts.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

'The Warriors' inspired artwork -prints available now from New Rule

New Rule Collective have just opened their online store where you can pick up amazing, 'The Warriors' inspired artworks in print form for as little as £20 each!

'Action Bill' - a LEGO stop motion short film from AMAA Productions

Shakespeare, robots, LEGO... need I go on?

BLURB: William Shatner, in a time traveling robot, attempts to destroy William Shakespeare but underestimates the fighting prowess of Action Bill.

Blade Runner poster from Candykiller - available now!

Blade Runner poster from Candykiller. It's a signed litho print on 140gsm silk finish paper (open edition), 16.5" x 23.4" for $25. Purchase HERE.

'Archie' - 3" resin toys from Dolly Oblong, dropping later today!

Loving this little fella... This is Archie, he's a 3” resin toy (edition of 12) designed and produced by Dolly Oblong. He'll be available to purchase HERE later today (April 17th) at 8pm CET for 45 Euros each.

New tee's for Gallery 1988's upcoming GHOSTBUSTERS art show

New Ghostbusters tee's from Homage, Johnny Cupcakes, LRG and Rebel8 for the upcoming Ghostbusters show at Gallery1988. Hunt for them here: or from the shops themselves, if you're interested!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

'Red Head' new print by Anthony Lister - available now

'Red Head' by Anthony Lister. It's a 21cm x 29.7cm, hand signed and numbered print with hand embellished watercolour finishing in an edition of 100. Available now from for $120.

Mondo News! JAWS and Where The Wild Things Are prints

Poster by Nicolas Delort. 18"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 250. $40

Poster by Cesar Moreno. 12"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 375. $45

Follow Mondo on Twitter for the sale announcement. These posters will be available online at a random time on Thursday, April 17th only from Mondo.

Lora Zombie & Tom Whalen for Ghostbusters show at Gallery1988

Both pieces are part of Gallery 1988's upcoming Ghostbusters inspired art show which opens this Saturday 19th April.

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