Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bat.tutty.ry - animated short

Beautiful colour and lighting... the battling robots are the icing on the cake! (*Disclaimer* - there's no cake)

A short film made in 6 months at Supinfocom.

Work from Swerfk

Check out the work of Melbourne based artist Swerfk. A healthy amount of pop culture references mixed with good ol' fashioned line work for you to get your peepers round. 

Original artworks by various artists for 1XRUN's 'Pangea Seed' show

There's something for everyone in 1XRUN's current, 'Pangea Seed' art show (well, only if you like sharks I suppose). All of these original pieces are available to purchase now HERE with 100% of the proceeds going towards The Sea Walls Campaign... PARTY ON WAYNE!!!

Mondo News! Upcoming PROMETHEUS print by Marko Manev

PROMETHEUS by Marko Manev. It's a 24"x36", hand numbered screenprint in an edition of 310 for $45. Follow Mondo on Twitter for the sale announcement. These posters will be available at a random time tomorrow, Thursday April 24th.

'Blue Dancer' - new hand embellished print by Anthony Lister

'Blue Dancer' by Anthony Lister. It's a hand embellished print on 180gsm paper in a signed and numbered edition of 100. Available now from Lister's shop for $120.

'Semi Korosiya' - upcoming toy from LiverDiet x Cop A Squat Toys

There's something I'm really liking about this latest run of Cop A Squat figures and I'm pretty sure it's their colour. They go up for sale on Friday April 25th HERE for $80 each and come with additional goodies including this print below... score!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

WolfCop action figure to accompany indie Horror-Comedy movie

PHEW... this one nearly passed us right by! If you're unfamiliar with this project then the best thing to do is watch the campaign video below and get your ass skooled! Then you'll probably want to go HERE and drop $70 on your very own WolfCop action figure - it's basic science FURBRAIN!!

NotGuilty x 45RPM - Scrawl & Snap Tee

You gotta love this new 'Scrawl & Snap' tee designed by 45RPM for NotGuiltyMagazine (made even better by the promo shot below). It's available HERE now for 18 bucks! (well, that's 18 pounds actually, this is England don't you know... what, what)

Guzu Gallery's Strange Beasts 2 exhibition prints

Daniel Nyari's new piece for the upcoming Hellboy Show at HCG

Here we have Daniel Nyari's new piece for the upcoming Hellboy Show at Hero Complex Gallery which opens on May 2nd. If you cast your gaze downwards you'll notice some progress shots taken from Daniel's blog which some readers may find to be interest. More can be seen and learnt, HERE.

Nychos does TMNT

Once again everyones favourite Austrian Anatomical (graffiti) Artist Nychos has blown minds with his latest set of Street Anatomy pieces depicting those rather popular Ninja Turtles. Hit the jump for more shots.

'Audrey Slips With Butterknife' - new custom by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Behold Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest custom piece which was commissioned by a private collector. Our guess is that JPK is about to receive a sack load of severed feet with bloody notes attached reading, ‘Didn’t have 3A foot, please use this instead…

JPK writes: 'The figure (is that the right term?) is one I've wanted to paint for quite some time so I was really pleased when I got the chance to. I've tried to keep it as simple as possible so it still shows off the sculpt.'

Photos by Justin Allfree

Monday, 21 April 2014

CLEVELAND - upcoming 1/6th scale figure from TINFACE TOYS

Move over 3A Toys and FoxBox Studios - there's a new kid in town and his name is TINFACE!! This new toy company looks all set to release their very first 1/6th scale, articulated figure. His name is CLEVELAND and he comes complete with flame-thrower, machete and even an alternate pair of hands. Here's his back story...

Darkness had prevailed. A torn open earth was pumping black wads of smoke out of its wounds. At some hours of day, wasteland turned into glistening oases. The ultraviolet rays were able to wring some life out of a seemingly dreary vegetation. But after all, a rough clime would return. The planet had segregated into eternal seasons, and so had all creatures that populated a coarse and barren earth.

Ironically enough, the few of us that remained were the closest to our ancestors. They used to call us Tinfaces. A sworn brotherhood, unified unto death. Yet, death was not our enemy. Our enemy was our past. Many of us were using their superiority to protect the weak from the strong. Not as an act of humanity, though, but rather to save us the agony ….

Available from Tinface Toys on April 26th at 9am HKT.

J.Shea for upcoming 'Conjuring Mischief' show at Stranger Factory

Circus Posterus have just released this image of J.Shea's piece for their upcoming 'Conjuring Mischief' exhibition. The show opens at Stranger Factory on May 2nd and will feature their famous Skeleve mascot reinterpreted by a stellar line-up of artists. We'll be sure to feature more pieces from the show as they drop so keep it locked! 

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist - 'Ryu' Teaser Trailer

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist will debut on the Machinima youtube channel next month [May 2014]. More info HERE.

Through the coming of age story of Ryu & Ken, we are shown the back story of some of the game's most iconic characters, and over the course of the series we will see how the past, present, and future of all of those characters are intertwined, as the battle to become Ansatsuken Master threatens to tear apart another generation of brothers.

'Mr. Pickles' - pilot for Adult Swim

We should probably be telling you that this is 'Not Suitable For Work' but the truth is, it's not suitable for home either! Give it a watch and you'll see what we mean...

Nasty Stuff from Adult Swim. Full series coming late 2014.

Illustration by Jorge Galarza

A selection of illustrations by Ecuadorian artist, Jorge Galarza.

'Ecto-1' by DKNG - upcoming print available later today [April 21st]

'Ecto-1' by DKNG Studios. It's an 18"x24", limited edition screen print, available later today [Monday April 21st] at 5pm EST. Part of Gallery 1988's Ghostbusters themed art show.

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