Wednesday, 23 July 2014

'Jurassic World' - new print by Mark Englert

'Jurassic World' by Mark Englert. It's a 24″x36″, 7-colour screen print in an edition of 500. Sadly for most, this is a SDCC exclusive. Follow Jurassic World on Twitter if you're attending the Con and you may just snag one!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Alex Pardee: Making a Mess

Well this was a nice surprise in the old inbox! Nuvango got in touch to let us know about this new video they made with SOB favourite Alex Pardee. It gives a great insight into how Mr. Pardee does his thing and is backed with tunes from Aesop Rock - winner!

'Death God Necros' - upcoming print release from Skinner

Look out for these new 'Death God Necros' prints dropping on Friday (25th) in Skinners online store for $100. Well, actually only the blue/purple print above will be available because the green variant below is saved back as a SDCC exclusive. These prints are a massive 10-colours people!!!

Skinner writes: 'Who knows what fell deeds this undead warrior hath wrought upon distant lands!! What black hearted god doth he serve!!! AND WHY??! All questions that will plague your mind as you stare forever more upon this outrageous ode to old school fantasy and nostalgia! This is my most ambitious screen print to date! Printed by the now legendary Monolith Press, this print will have your dad jealous! Created out of my love of old school illustrators and movie posters from the seventies, I wanted to make something that could inspire old school stoned out rockers as well as young stoned out rockers in training! WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE YA STONED OUT ROCKERS!! Dream heavy the ancient dooms that await your hero in the hell of oblivion!!'

KaNO got some awesome Art of War APs up for grabs!

Each Genghis khaNO AP includes a red cape, blood splatters and a random decapitated AOW dunny head.
These will be released in KaNO's STORE some point this week so make sure you sign up to his newsletter to avoid missing your chance to pick one of these bad ass mofos up!

'Making It' upcoming film about living as an artist

Any budding artists, designers, illustrators and general creatives will definitely want to check this one:

“MAKING IT” follows Woodrow Hinton, an Illustrator and Professor, as he interviews these three artists about art school, business model, and the day to day struggles of living as a blue collar artist. Woodrow’s journey as an artist, and his relationship with his friends, begs the question: “What does ‘Making It’ mean?”

Check out more via the 'Making It' SITE and FACEBOOK.

'Green' and 'Victor' - new pieces available now from Michael Latimer

'Green' by Michael Latimer of Lowercase Industry. It's a 30"x22", limited edition original which comes signed for £75 in a run of just 20. Available now HERE.

'Victor' by Michael Latimer of Lowercase Industry. It's a 15"x20", limited edition original which comes signed for £55 in a run of just 10. Available now HERE.


'The Oracle' - digital print by Arnaud Valette

'The Oracle' by Arnaud Valette. It's a 39"x20", signed and numbered Giclee print in an edition of 12 for $270. Available now from

(Spotted this over on Missed Prints which is a great site if you've not checked them out yet!)

Monday, 21 July 2014

《太陽留住我 Stop Peeping》animation by Wong Ping

And now for something safe to share with all; a short animation from Wong Ping, all about sweaty ice'll see.........!!!

Anyforty's upcoming Charity Group Show at 5th Base Gallery [LDN]

London based street wear brand Anyforty will soon be opening their new charity group show having teamed up with over 25 artists from all over the world. It will take place at 5th Base Gallery (just off Brick Lane) in London, where they will be selling limited edition prints of all the artworks and a selection of brand new t-shirts. All profits are being donated to the UK registered charity The CALMzone in memory of their friend Dave Williams.

The show opens on Thursday 24th July and will run until Sunday 27th July. Any merchandise left after that date will be available at for those unable to make the show.

MELBS' was awesome enough to send us an exclusive look at his print - cheers dude!

Work from Brad McGinty

I've just stumbled across the work of Brad McGinty and well, with these accompanying images as examples of what he does, do I really need to say anything more! Pure awesomeness and definitely someone you should check out if you like disgustingly RAD shit!

Upcoming 'Lil Mikey' and The Iron Giant toys from

Well, looky what we have here then... Mondo moving into the toy game? AND making TMNT toys at that? Sorry guys - been there, done that!! This Lil Mikey vinyl does look cool though. The retro ice cream is a nice touch (oh, the sweet memories...)

Mike Mitchell writes: "I am so dang excited to finally be able to talk about this. I honestly can't believe this is a real thing. I got to design a Ninja Turtle toy! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that to be a possibility. I'll have a prototype at my table at SDCC (#2743) and Mondo (#835) so swing by and check it out! Pre-orders will hopefully be going up in the next month or so."

Also look out for their upcoming 'The Iron Giant' figure (with 30 points of articulation) and Alfred Hitchcock 1/6th scale action figure (no pics yet sadly). Read the full article HERE.

'THE MONSTER' - ltd. edition tee by Michael Skattum for Rare Media

How the hell did this pass us by? I've had one of Michael Skattum's illustrations as my screen saver for months now so to find his work on a tee means only one thing... I gotta have it!! 'The MONSTER' is available now from Rare Media for $30 and comes in an edition of 50.

'ROBOMAN' - new print by Orlando Arocena

'ROBOMAN' by Orlando Arocena. It's an 18"x24" (signed) Giclee print in an edition of 50 for $40. Available to purchase now HERE.

'A Romance With...' - new print from Sebastian Bentler [thirtythr33]

'A Romance With...' by Sebastian Bentler aka thirtythr33. It's a 17"x24", signed and numbered Giclee print in an edition of 30 for €80. Available now HERE.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Phantom City Creative 'Spooks, Spectres, and Ghosts' screen print

Phantom City Creative's 'Spooks, Spectres, and Ghosts' limited edition 18" x 24" screen print is available for $35 HERE.


Ooooooh yeah, this is dark!

'Dance With Kachina' - upcoming print by NoseGo from 1XRUN

'Dance With Kachinaby NoseGo. It's a 12"x18" signed and numbered Archival Pigment print in an edition of 65. Available from 1XRUN on Sunday July 27th for $65.

'Here goes nothing' - new print from Raid71

'Here goes nothing' by Raid71. It's a 18" x 36", 5-colour screen print in a limited edition of 100. Available HERE for $40.

Raid71 writes: "One of the most overlooked scenes from RoTJ. The first Death Star has a small exhust port, the 2nd had a port big enough to fit the Millennium Falcon, someone had gotten too cocky with the new design".

Saturday, 19 July 2014

'Bartholio' - upcoming bootleg from AshMadeThis X Disart ToyLabs

AshMadeThis is a super dope Cardiff-based tattooist who takes mad influences from film/TV, recreating their characters in the coolest of ways! (...just check that Jurassic Park inspired 'clever girl' tat below if you don't believe me). He's just about to drop these new Simpsons X Beavis and Butthead mashup bootlegs, made in conjunction with Disart ToyLabs. Look for 'Bartholio' dropping in Ash's online store on Monday July 21st.

Bartholio 'OG Hand Paint' edition - Cast up in a hard resin, these have been painstakingly hand painted by Ash to match the colours of the original bendy toy release (albeit with bright yellow skin!), each coming with a unique metal-tinged slogan scrawled across the front of the tee. Coming bagged with a custom header from Ash inspired by the official backer art, these will be up for grabs at £25 a piece.

Bartholio 'Naked Bart' and 'Naked Beavis' jumbo keshi editionsComing in a keshi-style rubber, these playable versions have been produced in yellow and flesh inspired by both Simpsons and Beavis & Butthead skin tones. Once again coming packed with a custom header from Ash, these have been priced at just £10 each.

Be sure to follow Ash on Instagram too!

Friday, 18 July 2014

New Star Wars 'Tie Fighters' print by GODMACHINE

GODMACHINE writes: "Ive always turned down star wars stuff till recently, but I was allowed to do my own thing- and this is it- I always thought Tie Fighters had the badesset helmets. If you are around in the 'Diff tomorrow- you may get to own one. Code for those in the know. "A Long Time Dead".

(...we're pretty sure the 'Diff means Cardiff but after that, God only knows!?)

Johnny Ryan's PRISON PIT [Trailer]

Johnny Ryan's PRISON PIT is an animated adaptation of PRISON PIT: BOOK ONE, Ryan's acclaimed graphic novel about monster men beating the living crap out of each other. Pre-order now HERE for $6.99!

'Directors Cut Series' - new prints by Van Orton

'Directors Cut Series' by Van Orton. All prints come signed and numbered in an edition of 50. Available now from for €39 each.

'The Black Abyss in Death's Eyes' - new custom by Jon-Paul Kaiser

'The Black Abyss in Death's Eyes' - new (private commission) custom by Jon-Paul Kaiser.

Jon writes: 'This is a 3" Dunny, using one of Andrew Bell's 'Mardivale' Dunnys and transforming it into a spectre of Death'.

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